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Neopren Shoulder Sleeve -

Searching for a neoprene shoulder sleeve for a painful shoulder.  DME-Direct carries a large selection of low profile, sleek designs perfect for providing support while maintaining warmth around the joint to promote proper healing.  You'll find a great selection from all of the premier names like, Mcdavid, Saunders, Breg, Corflex, Otto Bock, Procare, and more.  We deliver thousands each year to consumers, patients, physicians, and hospitals, all at today's lowest prices.  All of our different neoprene shoulder sleeve models are manufactured to higher medical standards for quality comfort and durability.  Use them for rehabilitation after shoulder surgery, at work on the job, or at home to manage chronic shoulder pain.   Click neoprene shoulder brace to see our complete catalog of products.

Neoprene Shoulder Sleeve