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Searching for an effective neck cold pack can be a challenge with so many on the market touting all of their attributes.  We asked our physician community to evaluate all of our neck cold packs on their patients for everything from ease of use to patient safety.  Our top categories for neck cold packs below feature gels that last instead of splitting open prematurely, and can be used safely without causing a cryo burn.  Our neck cold packs won't stay cold for hours because, in order to make such a claim, the product has to be filled with a chemical based filling which can produce an actual burn.  So, best to stay away from these types of products.  Our neck cold pack models can be used for everything from arthritis to herniated discs.  Best of all, they're designed for repeated daily usage especially at home or in a clinic setting.  Search our neck cold pack categories above to find your favorite model.

Neck Cold Packs