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Mueller Revive M2 Gear Pack

Mueller Sports Medicine SKU: M2RG200
$789.99 $649.99
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Mueller Revive M2 Gear Pack with full leg compression sleeves help reduce pain and recover from fatigue before or after physical activities.

Mueller Revive M2 Gear Pack

$789.99 $649.99

Mueller Revive M2 Gear Pack helps speed recovery from fatigue, reduce pain, and enhance circulation. It's ideal for use before or after physical activities and strenuous exercise. By stimulating the body’s natural circulation with precise levels of pressure, Revive's innovative compression sleeves, and overlapping chambers promote faster recovery before, during, and after workouts, activity, or just standing on your feet. Revive devices feature 40 years of experience in sequential compression technology.


Athletic trainers want faster and more controlled recovery for their athletes. The Mueller Revive compression sleeves and pump work together to accelerate the body's natural circulation using precise levels of pressure. One of the many great features of the Revive compression sleeves are the overlapping chambers. With multiple chamber garments, each with a 30% overlap, each garment provides the most focused and accurate gradient compression. Faster cycle times allow for more flushes, which means more efficient recovery. Complete and fast pressure release maximizes each treatment with each individual garment.


Mueller Revive M2 Gear Pack With Full Leg Compression Sleeves Features:

  • M2 Gear Pack includes M2 console and (2) Full leg compression sleeves, power cord, instructions
  • Detox On Demand: Accelerated cycling flushes toxins faster, speeding up recovery and reducing pain quicker and more efficiently
  • Personalized compression: Adjustable pressure range (20-100 mmHg) provides optimal compression therapy for lymphatic uptake and faster recovery
  • Lightweight: Weighing in at 2.2lbs/.9kg, the M2 console is easy to carry
  • Power saving: Our battery is designed to last longer through its unmatched ability to conserve battery life
  • 8 hours of power: Internal battery that’s portable, durable, and lightweight providing eight hours of recovery per charge. “90-day risk-free trial”
  • M2 does not include Mobile app with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Athletes and athletic trainers have depended on Mueller Sports Medicine for 60 years of sport care and knee braces; located in Prairie Du Sac, WI
  • Class II medical device

Mueller Revive M2 is indicated for recovery and fatigue following sports and intense physical activities.

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