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Knee Brace For Meniscus Tear

If you've ever suffered a meniscus tear then you know how painful it can be.  Using a meniscus tear knee brace with a hinged design can provide greater support and protection with daily walking, reduce episodes of the knee giving way, as well as, with help reduce medial or lateral meniscus pain with everyday pivoting movements.  DME-Direct carries the best selection of hinged brace designs specifically for use as a knee brace for a torn meniscus.  These products feature adjustable hinges which can be set to limit the amount of bending to reduce the chances of the knee locking up as in the case of having a bucket handle tear.  They feature lightweight and low profile designs that are more supportive than the common drug store varieties.  Use them at home, as part of your rehab program, or for everyday support at home or the office.  You'll  find all of the latest styles from today's most popular brands like, Bauerfeind, Bledsoe, BioSkin, Donjoy, Hely Weber, MedSpec, Ossur, Procare, Pro Orthopedic Devices, McDavid, Townsend Design, and more.  An orthopedic-quality knee brace for meniscus tear ranges in price from $30 -$70 depending on their styling, construction, and unique features.  Click hinged knee brace to see our entire selection of top knee braces for meniscus tears.

Knee brace for Menicus Injury/ Meniscus Support