MedSpec EpiGel Tennis Elbow Support

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MedSpec EpiGel Tennis Elbow Support
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Medspec's EpiGel Elbow Support aids in the treatment of tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. Has two adjustable/removable silicone gel pads.

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The MedSpec EpiGel Tennis Elbow Support is designed to effectively reduce forearm stress resulting in lateral epicondylitis elbow pain.  This model features two adjustable silicone gel pads that absorb shock and dampen vibration to the forearm like no other comparable product.  The two pads feature a velcro backing allowing them to be positioned/adjusted exactly as needed.  Tightening adjustments are easy with its unique retentioning system that prevents over tightening for a tourniquet effect.  The EpiGel Tennis Elbow is proudly made in the USA and is manufactured under the highest quality control standards in the industry for superb performance and durability. Physicians appreciate the quality in every model while patients endorse its ability to absorb shock better than competitor's products.

MedSpec EpiGel Tennis Elbow Support Features:

  • EpiGel tennis elbow support provides relief with two adjustable gel pads that compress the extensor or flexor muscles for effective pain relief.
  • Two soft gel pads are adjustable and stick to the inside with a hook and loop backing.
  • Patented strap retention system allows for easy application and quick tension adjustments.
  • Universal sizing: fits elbow circumference of 8" - 14".
  • Fit right and left sides.

Available Colors:  Black

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3701


The MedSpec EpiGel Tennis Elbow SUpport may be used to treat:

  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).
  • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis).
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart: Measure the circumference of the elbow.

MedSpec EpiGel Tennis Elbow Support

  • Two silicone gel pads for absorbing shock.
  • Polyester/nylon material used in the strap.
Really helps golfer's elbow
I have been suffering from golfer's/tennis elbow off and on now for 5 months. My air-filled forearm straps provided a little bit of relief, but the pain kept lingering. I bought this brace two weeks ago out of desperation, and it pretty much eliminated most if not all of my painful golfer's elbow pain within three days. Absolutely amazing! I wish that I had known about this brace years ago. Well worth the cost.
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Best at absorbing shock that I have found.
This is the best that I've found for absorbing shock to my forearm. The silicone gel pads absorb significantly more of the shock to the forearm tendons than the other braces that I've tried. I am purchasing a second Epigel so I can have it handy inside my golf bag in case I need it.
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Tennis elbow support
I bought this because I have tendinitis in both hands and wrists...It works great for the area it is intended for and I wish you made a smaller one for just above the wrist. My problem is the hand braces don’t do what I need. This would if it were smaller. I’m still using it and it helps but could be half the width and made to fit just above the wrist...where my problem starts; it’s a good product.
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Got immediate pain relief. I can position the gel(s) exactly where I need them which I like. Great purchase.
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Q&A for MedSpec EpiGel Tennis Elbow Support

  • From Jill
    • Q: Is this for one support or two?
    • A: This is for a single Epigel elbow support.
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  • From Pia Torino
    • Q: I lost the instruction sheet. How do you wear this?
    • A: Position the two gel pads over the point of tenderness: about 3 fingers down the forearm away from your elbow. Make sure the second gel pad is positioned on the underside part of your forearm. Do not overtighten. Make sure it is snug on the arm but not too tight to cause discomfort.
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  • From CJ
    • Q: Can I place the silicone inserts in the freezer for cold?
    • A: You can but the silicone will not retain the cold for very long. They are mainly intended to help disperse shock that would go right to the forearm tendons and cause pain.
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