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Medi M.3 OA/M.4 OA Comfort Adjusting Hex Wrench

Medi USA SKU: GE10031
$8.99 $5.99
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Short Description

Medi M3 OA/M4 OA Comfort Adjusting Hex Wrench keeps your brace performing like new.

Medi M.3 OA/M.4 OA Comfort Adjusting Hex Wrench

$8.99 $5.99

The Medi M3/M4 Adjusting Hex Wrench keeps your brace performing like new. The wrench is specific to the M.3 OA and the M.4 OA Comfort and allows the user to make varus-valgus adjustments to the frame of the brace.


Medi M3/M4 Adjusting Hex Wrench features:

  • Specific to the M.3 OA or M.4 OA Comfort brace
  • straps, pads, brace not included
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