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McDavid 6500 Hex Power Shooter Arm Sleeve

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McDavid 6500 HEX Shooter Arm Sleeve
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  • Great performance with hex pad elbow protection.
  • Features moisture wicking HydraVent technology.
  • Provides warmth and prevents muscle soreness.
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The McDavid HEX Shooter Arm Sleeve #6500 provides the latest with elbow protection for basketball players of all levels.  The McDavid 6500 shooter arm sleeve features a distinctive 4 inch hexpad section covering the elbow to absorb shock, scrapes, and bruises. The pads are individually bonded to the material to flex and bend with the elbow while shooting a basketball instead of restricting movement. The arm sleeve fits from mid arm to wrist and features McDavid's premium Ultra hDc™ moisture management technology to insure effective wicking of perspiration and player comfort. Stay protected with the McDavid HEX Shooter Arm Sleeve.

McDavid Hex Shooter Arm Sleeve Features:

  • Contours to the arm for performance and a great fit.
  • 10 cm HexPad covers the elbow for impact protection.
  • Unique hDc™ Moisture management technology keeps athletes cool and dry.
  • Provides arm compression, warmth and protection from abrasions.
  • Machine washable/dryable.
  • Includes a single arm sleeve.
  • Unisex design fits arm lengths up to 17" easily.
  • Three sizes: Small (8-9.5") Medium (9.5-11") Large (11-13") - See our sizing chart tab for important measurement information.
  • 80% Nylon/20% spandex/polyethylene foam.
  • Style: 6500R McDavid.

Available Colors:  Black, White, Navy, Scarlet, Royal

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The McDavid HexPad Power Shooter Arm Sleeve #6500 (McDavid HEX™ Shooter arm sleeve) prevents muscle soreness and provides padded shooting protection.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Follow the measurement instructions below for the correct size McDavid HEX Shooter arm sleeve.McDavid HEX Shooter Arm Sleeve


The McDavid HEX Shooter Arm Sleeve is manufactured with the exclusive HydraVent technology to maximize efficient evaporation of perspiration away from the body.  The fabric features a unique moisture-evaporation application that draws perspiration across the arm sleeve's surface for efficient temperature regulation.  The sleeve's features 9mm HEXPads that are thin yet provide coverage that moves with the elbow and stays in place as well. 

mcdavid hex shooter arm sleeve


The HEX Shooter Arm Sleeve includes a 4 inch section of 9 mm Hexpad that covers the elbow for protection from scrapes and abrasions.

Arm Sleeve
I love it - just what I needed to play basketball.
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Love My McDavid HexPad Power Shooter Arm Sleeve
I wore the product for the first time last year for basketball and thought it was amazing. I tried a couple from UnderArmor, and Adidas and this one wicks perspiration way better. I use my Mcdavid power shooter arm sleeve for both practice and games. It keeps my arm comfortable and don't get as much soreness after practice from all our shooting drills. I will be getting another for summer ball.
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Dry Arm
This is a great product! it keeps arm dry and the extra padding really helps to protect elbow.
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Tight throwing arm
The Hexpad Shooter Arm Sleeve was a major savior for my son. He is the quarterback for his high school football team. The problem is that he always seemed to cool down and have tight muscles after a defensive stand. Once I purchased the Shooter Arm Sleeve for him his muscles stayed warm and he was able to re-enter the game no problem. He says he would never play again without the shooter arm sleeve. Thanks!
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