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KDL Shoulder Brace

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$205.99 $182.99
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Short Description

  • Controls multidirectional instability. 
  • Suitable for dislocators/subluxators. 
  • Extra strap available for bilateral shoulders.
  • Lower profile vest is more comfortable than the competition.
  • Perfect for football or hockey.

KDL Shoulder Brace

$205.99 $182.99

The KDL Shoulder Brace provides exceptional control of shoulder movement for athletes with shoulder instability.  To enhance your overall comfort, the product has been designed out of Stomatex, a breathable, honeycomb-shaped neoprene fabric. It breathes better than traditional neoprene and keeps you cooler during the big game.  The KDL Shoulder Brace is less bulky than other traditionally designed products and has a fully adjustable cuff that can limit overhead motion in any plane to keep you fully protected.  It can be used for anterior or posterior dislocators, and even players with multi-directional instability.  It has a low profile chest piece that is comfortable to wear under pads and still provides a solid anchor for the cuff to effectively limit overhead motion.  Need a solution for both shoulders?  The KDL Shoulder Brace can still fit the bill -  an optional second cuff can be ordered on the KDL Accessories page so that both shoulders are protected.  It attaches in seconds and can be adjusted by parents, coaches, or trainers. 

KDL Shoulder Brace Features:

  • Effectively restricts arm motion and provides security and protection for dislocating.
  • Perfect for players who demonstrate subluxation and/or dislocation tendencies.
  • Lightweight neoprene harness fits under pads without any difficulty and will not interfere with football play.
  • Comfortable to wear and does not generate extra heat under your uniform.
  • Arm cuff straps are fully adjustable - customize the amount of shoulder movement allowed.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3675

The KDL Shoulder Brace is commonly used to treat:

  • Shoulder subluxations/dislocations.