Jobst Ultra Sheer Thigh High 15-20

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Jobst Ultra Sheer Thigh High 15-20
119***, 1222** thigh 15-20
Jobst Authorized


  • Thigh high length with an ultra sheer styling.
  • Provides therapeutic compression for legs.
  • Floral lace top band stays in place.
  • Available in standard and petite lengths.
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JOBST UltraSheer Thigh High 15-20 is the sheerest compression stocking in its class for casual wear, work use, or for an elegant night out on the town. Patients appreciate the styling of the contemporary floral lace pattern on top, as well as, how the top band stays in place instead of sliding down your leg. The Jobst Ultra Sheer Thigh High 15-20 features a combination of spandex, nylon, and silicone for an ultra sheer feeling that's both comfortable and breathable. The heel features a sheer feeling for greater comfort while the toe area has been reinforced for durability. Patients appreciate the product's lightweight, comfortable styling, and choice of six colors for use with any wardrobe.

Jobst Ultra Sheer Thigh High 15-20 Features:

  • Thigh hi design provides therapeutic compression.
  • Contemporary floral design top band stays in place instead of sliding down your leg - choose lace band or silicone dot band for greater grip.
  • Seamless circular knit for a soft, silky look and comfortable feel.
  • Reciprocated heel and toe for better fit and durability.
  • Nylon and spandex yarns combined with a silicone blend softener for easier donning and comfort.
  • NEW JOBST Advanced Comfort® gives stockings a light and cool feel year round.
  • Available with a silicone dot band or a silicone lace band.
  • Manufactured as a closed toe product - see sizing chart tab.
  • Petite size is for those patients who have a thigh height of less than 27". Measurement is taken from the floor to the gluteal fold.
  • Available in six colors.

Available Colors: black, honey, natural, suntan, espresso and anthracite.

jobst colors


Jobst Ultra Sheer Thigh High 15-20 can be used to treat:

  • Discomfort from spider veins.
  • Relief from minor leg swell.
  • Relief of leg discomfort during pregnancy.
  • Minor varicose veins.
  • For wear following sclerotherapy.

Note: These are examples of reasons to wear this level of compression. Please consult with your physician for compression above 15-20 mmHg.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Jobst Ultra Sheer Thigh High 15-20


Jobst Ultra Sheer Thigh High 15-20mmHg is composed of 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex/Elasthan.


Hand or machine-wash with warm water and mild soap or detergent, or JolasticĀ® Washing Solution. No chlorine bleach. Warm water rinse. Hang or lay flat to air-dry. May dry in a dryer on low heat or delicate setting. Placing your stockings in a mesh laundry bag will help protect them during the wash cycle.

Gradient compression

Gradient compression delivers a squeezing to the leg that is tightest at the ankle. The degree of squeezing or compression gradually decreases up the leg. This compression, generally expressed in mmHg (millimeters of mercury) provides two main benefits.  

A complete understanding of precisely how compression works remains unknown. Two actions are generally accepted. Probably the most beneficial effects of compression are its effects on the capillaries and tissue spaces.


Compression is believed to increase the pressure in the tissues beneath the skin thus reducing excess leakage of fluid from the capillaries and increasing absorption of tissue fluid by the capillaries and lymphatic vessels. Compression therefore reduces and helps prevent swelling.


The physical presence of the stocking also helps control the size (diameter) of superficial veins beneath the stocking. The stocking does not allow these superficial veins to over expand with blood. This action helps prevent "pooling". The venous blood then flows more quickly up the leg towards the heart.

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