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Ice Packs For Knees -

When it comes to ice packs for knees, let's face it.  They're not all equal.  Unfortunately, many of today's cheaper models feature chemical-filled gels that can cause a burn if left on too long.  DME-Direct carries a complete selection of medical grade ice packs for knees that are all designed to be safe yet effective.  We deliver over 100,000+ ice pack for knees models each year to consumers, patients, hospitals and more.  You'll find orthopedic quality models from ActiveWrap, ColdOne, Active Ice, McDavid, Mueller, Ultimate Ice Wraps, and more.  Use them for tendonitis, ligament sprains, post-surgical recovery, and a whole lot more.  They're designed to hold up to occasional use at home, as well as, multiple treatments in a rehabilitation setting.  See why physicians have ranked our selection of ice packs for knees as the best on the internet today.


Knee Ice Packs