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Home Traction -

Finding a great home traction product can be a real chore - there's a whole bunch to choose from including medical grade models and, um, less than medical grade styles.  DME-Direct is the largest online supplier of home traction  - you'll find all of today's most physician recommended brands like Saunders, ComforTrac, Posture Pro, Pronex, and more.  We deliver 100,000+ models each year to clinics, patients, suppliers, and physicians, all at today's lowest prices.  These products work with your neck muscles completely relaxed while on your back.  Use them for treating pinched nerves, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and much more.  You won't find over the door and accordion-style inflatable models here for sale - just the good stuff!.  Click traction device to see our full selection of medical grade products for use in your own home.

Home Traction Devices