Hely Weber Freehand CMZ Brace #467

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Hely Weber Freehand CMZ Brace #467
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  • Open air design ensures all day comfort.
  • Specifically for treating CMC arthritis.
  • Keeps your hand cool and dry.
  • Fits right and left sides.

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The Hely Weber Freehand CMZ Brace #467 features today's most open-air design when it comes to providing customizable support for the base of your thumb (CMC joint).  The product is made from aluminum tubing with a protective rubberized coating on top making it extremely easy to mold to the contours of your hand for a custom fit.  Repositioning of your thumb is easy - simply bend the tubing to the desired position to abduct your thumb away from your hand to relieve pain.  The brace allows for full use of your hand for washing and daily activities.  The Freehand CMZ brace is well suited for treating basal joint arthritis, repetitive stress injuries of the carpometacarpal joint, and more.

Hely Weber Freehand CMZ Brace Features:

  • Easy to apply and shape to the contours of your hand.
  • Customize the positioning of your thumb (CMC joint) quickly and easily.
  • Comfortable for all day wear.
  • One size fits all design for both large and small hands.
  • Can be worn on both your right and left sides.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3923



The Hely Weber Freehand CMZ is specifically designed to treat:

  • CMC joint osteoarthritis (Basalar joint arthritis).
  • Repetitve stress injuries to the carpometacarpal joint (base of the thumb).
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Hely Weber Freehand CMZ Brace #467

Review of CMZ brace
I received my Freehand CMZ brace a couple weeks back. Overall it is useful in helping support my troubled CMC joint. I use my hands extensively both for sports, as a musician, and also doing a lot of manual work in a sideline irrigation contracting business. The only drawback is that for certain actions it is not secure enough, but overall I really appreciate the fact that I can work in the mud with it, wash my hands while it is on, and during hot weather it is so much cooler. I am having an experimental surgery in a few months to work to restore the cartilage in the joint, but for now, using the brace is very helpful.
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Work very well
The hand brace works very well to stabilize my hand during any type of activity.
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Dr Meals Freehand brace is great
I was one of the first people to get one of these since Dr Meals (from UCLA) is part of my medical group. This device is an excellent choice for treating a carpometacarpal sprain. A lot easier than dealing with a brace with velcro straps.
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Fast Food preparation easier with this on
I work at a fast-food restaurant and the owner didn't like me preparing food and cleaning up in the kitchen with a cloth hand brace on. He felt that it wasn't sanitary enough since my hands are in water so much. Our doctor mentioned this new brace (Hely Weber Freehand CMZ Brace) and its a good solution. I can safely handle the plates and things and then wipe this completely dry when I'm not washing dishes.
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