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Hely Weber Frap Strap Trigger Finger Splint 604A

Hely & Weber SKU: 604AFrap
$21.99 $16.29
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Short Description

  • Multiple uses - comfortable as a trigger finger splint.
  • Provides adjustable tension unlike typical varieties.
  • Versatile and easy to apply in seconds.
  • No hard splints - made from neoprene.

Hely Weber Frap Strap Trigger Finger Splint 604A

$21.99 $16.29

The Hely Weber Frap Strap is an innovative support that treats 5 common conditions: trigger finger, finger flexion stiffness, ulnar collateral ligament support, post operative extensor tendon repair, and cmc joint support. This versatile product provides adjustable, gentle tension n many different configurations to effectively handle one or more fingers and one or more joints. This one splint can effectively treat multiple conditions such as Trigger Finger, CMC joint arthritis, and more.  The hallmark characteristic of being able apply more or less tension separates it from more traditional splint designs.

The Frap Strap can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • CMC Joint Support (Basal Joint Brace) - use the Frap Strap to relieve pain and increase function by supporting the CMC joint of the base of the thumb, lifting the head of the metacarpal.
  • Finger Flexion - promotes flexion on one or more fingers on all or any of the joints.
  • Ulnar Collateral Ligament Support - Use this post-op or pre-op to support the MCP thumb joint.
  • Post-Operative Extensor Tendon Repair/Buddy Splinting - Supplies immediate controlled active motion, and works on single digit(s) or for buddy strapping.
  • Tendinitis/(Trigger Finger Splint) - Limit full excursion and thereby reduce inflammation of the flexor tendon. Also restricts flexing of the MCP joint.

When used as a trigger finger splint, the Frap strap can be easily applied and tightened for the desired level of tension.  The product interferes less with daily activities compared to other products.  Easy to follow instructions are provided to carry out the proper wrapping application as a  trigger finger splint.

Hely Weber Frap Strap Trigger Finger Splint Features:

  • Versatile & easy to apply in seconds.
  • Comfortable to wear and allows to create more or less tension for effective treatment..
  • Neoprene band with rubberized backing helps to hold the strap in place. Reinforced slit, hook & loop material for easy fastening.
  • One size fits all. Trim excess length if desired.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3923

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The Hely Weber Frap Strap can be used for:

  • Trigger Finger injuries.
  • Any hand/finger condition that can benefit from support/gentle tension to promote flexion or extension, including: Joint Support (CMC Joint +/- MCP); Limited finger flexion due to swelling, fractures, ligament tightness after post-op immobilizations, scar tissue or tendons that are restrictive in movement, multiple tissue wounds, muscles imbalances from weak extensors or tight flexors.
  • Ligament challenges like Ulnar Collateral Ligament of the thumb.
  • Post-Op Extensor tendon repair; Tendonitis.
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