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Functional Knee Braces - ACL

Functional Knee Brace ACL


"Functional knee brace" is the proper term for describing the type of brace used to provide moderate to maximum knee stability. These products are used after traumatic ligament sprains or following arthroscopic reconstructive ligament procedures to help athletes return to full competition.  DME-Direct carries a large selection of ACL functional knee brace styles from all the biggest players. Choose from Breg, Bledsoe, Donjoy, Ossur CTi, and more.  You'll find everything from hinged neoprene varieties to aluminum/carbon fiber models.  Our ACL knee braces provide the highest level of protection available for athletic use or for daily activity following an ACL reconstruction.  For high school athletic players, we have all the accessories needed to make your functional knee brace conform to any and all regulations.  We also offer knee undersleeve accessories to help keep your knee warm when using your functional knee brace outside in the cold weather such as in a football game.  Click on ACL brace to see our entire selection of ACL functional knee brace products in both off-the-shelf and custom models