Foot Drop Splint

Medical-Grade Foot Drop Splint Products For Supported Positioning In/Out Of Bed

Foot Drop Splint

Searching for a foot drop splint?  DME-Direct carries an extensive selection of specialty foot drop splints specially designed for supporting your foot in bed and during ambulation.  These products are designed to maintain your ankle at a right angle and are used for patients who have suffered a stroke or another neurological injury resulting in foot drop and/or mild spasticity in their foot/ankle.  We deliver 100,000+ foot drop splints products annually to repeated customers, new patients, physicians, clinics, and more. You'll find carbon fiber, and standard designs with foam or sheepskin liners for total comfort.  There's versions for bed that have adjustable rotation bars to prevent your leg from turning outwards while in bed.   Most will range in price for $40 - $150 depending on their construction and unique features.  Click drop foot brace to see our full catalog of products.

Get Your Foot Drop Splint From The #1 Source:

Need your foot drop splint fast?  We offer fast, free delivery on all qualified orders and $7.50 ground delivery for all orders under $100.  99% of all orders are shipped the same day to all our customers.  Best of all, we warehouse all our drop foot splints instead of drop-shipping your order from the manufacturer which can result in lengthy, unnecessary shipping delays.  Even manufacturers run out of products from time to time.  Not sure which model is the best choice or want to compare different brands?  We're just a call or click away and have technical support staff available to answer all of your questions regarding our different styles.  Get your drop foot splint direct from the #1 source, DME-Direct.

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