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FlexiKold Oversize Gel Cold Pack

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$37.99 $26.99
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Short Description

FlexiKold Oversize gel pack is an easy-to-use ice compress. Provides therapy for pain and injuries of  the shoulder and back.

FlexiKold Oversize Gel Cold Pack

$37.99 $26.99

FlexiKold Oversize gel pack is designed to soothe sore muscles, relieve inflammation, and comfort your body after strenuous activities or surgeries. This FlexiKold gel ice pack is used for icing injuries and is suitable for use on the back, hip, leg, shin calf, quad, hamstring, knee, ankle, shoulder, rotator cuff and arm use. The oversized injury ice pack is great for anywhere it hurts, measuring 13” x 21.5”.

Flexi-Kold Oversized Gel Cold Pack Features:

  • Conforms to your body parts for optimal contact right where it’s needed
  • Professional-grade gel interior provides smooth and flexible application for comfort and relief - even when frozen
  • Premium, durable, and reusable cold compress design
  • Double-sealed seam, extra thick nylon construction prevents leaking
  • A flexible insulating layer enhances ice therapy, while preventing your body part from getting too cold
  • Same gel ice packs relied upon by thousands of physical therapist practices across the USA

The Flexi-Kold Oversize gel cold pack is indicated for shoulder, back, thigh, knee, hip, and leg use.