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Finger Brace And Finger Support

Finger Support Brace


Using the right type of finger brace is important to regaining full use of your finger after an injury.  DME-Direct carries a full selection of finger support products for use in stabilizing your finger injury.  You'll find a variety of standard and curved finger splints suited for treating finger sprains suffered from work accidents or while at home.  They're easy to apply and most feature foam linings for enhanced comfort.  They can be secured with tape around the involved finger to eliminate the possibility of falling off.  We deliver thousands of finger brace products every year to clinics, doctors, and patients of all kinds.  Click finger splints to see our entire product selection for your injury.



Need your finger splint fast?  We offer fast, free delivery on all qualified orders and $8.00 ground delivery for all orders under $100.  Expedited shipping methods are available including delivery choices as fast as the following business day.  99% of all orders are shipped the same day to all our customers.  Best of all, we warehouse all of our finger brace products instead of drop-shipping your order from the manufacturer which can result in lengthy, unnecessary shipping delays.  Even manufacturers run out of products from time to time.  Got a question about one of our products, its design, or its intended use?  We're just a call or click away and have technical support staff available to answer all of your product questions.   Get your finger support direct from the #1 source, DME-Direct.