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Elastic Wrist Braces

Elastic wrist braces are made from breathable elastic materials that supply compression, effective wrist protection, and great wearing comfort. DME-Direct carries a wide selection of elastic wrist brace styles and sizes to fit your wrist.  They're a favorite because of their comfortable fit, breathabiliity and light to moderate level of compression that's comparable to traditional styled wrist braces.  Elastic wrist products can be used to provide protection after wrist surgery, for treating pain and tenderness from carpal tunnel symptoms, and wrist sprains suffered at home or work.  You'll find standard and latex-free brace varieties from all of the most recommended brands like Bauerfeind, Hely Weber, MedSpec, Ossur, Procare and more.  They're comfortable and durable as well for everyday use.  Our elastic wrist brace styles range in price from $17 - $30 depending on the particular brand and style.  Click elastic wrist brace to see our full offering.

Elastic wrist brace