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Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace
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Donjoy Velocity ankle brace is ideal for treating or preventing inversion ankle sprains, eversion ankle sprains; extra support prevents rotation of the ankle.
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The Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace provides extra support to the ankle joint and helps prevent ankle sprains. The brace is ideal for preventing a future ankle injury, as well as, for treating a current injury. The Velocity ankle brace is available in three styles for injury protection: a stand-alone shell (LS version), or with speed wrap softgoods (Velocity ES and MS styles) for compression and additional support. The R3 rapid ratchet closure system provides easy fitting and a heat moldable shell design for providing a more customized fit.  The low-profile, semi-rigid shell is designed to fit inside cleats, as well, as other types of athletic shoes with minimal bulk.  The Donjoy Velocity is lightweight and prevents abnormal amounts of inversion, eversion, and rotation motions while allowing natural flexion of your foot up and down inside your shoe - perfect for both treatment and prevention of ankle sprains. This brace is a popular model especially for athletes playing contact sports such as football, rugby, field hockey, and soccer.

Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace Features:

  • Semi-rigid shell is heat moldable.
  • Optional soft goods increase the level of support and compression around the ankle.
  • Lightweight, low-profile design easily fits into shoes, providing the extra support needed without bulkiness.
  • R3 (Rapid-Rigid-Racheted) Technology for enhanced lower leg compression.
  • Rigid uprights provide extra protection to your ankle during impact.
  • Anatomically designed bilateral hinges allow for normal dorsiflexion and plantar-flexion at the ankle.
  • Available in LS (light support), MS (moderate support), and ES (extra support) models.
  • Comes in a Standard or a Wide calf cuff versions - See sizing chart tab above for important sizing information.
  • Right/left specific.
  • Color: Black.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1971


The Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace can be used for:

  • Inversion ankle sprains.
  • Eversion ankle sprains.
  • Athletic protection from ankle sprains (football, soccer, basketball, volleyball).
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Measure Shoe size and Calf circumference

Small  Men's Shoe: 6-8, Women's Shoe: 8-9.5
Medium  Men’s Shoe: 8-12, Women’s Shoe: 9.5-13.5
Large  Men’s Shoe: 12 & up, Women’s Shoe: 13.5 & up


Calf Calf Circumference
Standard 7 1/4" - 10"
Wide 10" - 12 1/2"



Velocity Ankle Brace Models - Our Take:

  • Donjoy Velocity LS Ankle Brace: The LS is the lightest model and also the least popular.  This is really the most scaled back model, and while it does provide a semi rigid shell and the unique rachet closure system up on top, you're paying for the ability to mold the shell if necessary to fit your foot and ankle anatomy. Unless you have a super narrow, bony foot, and therefore might benefit from using a hair dryer to heat it up and automold it to your ankle, we're not sure you're getting any more protection than what is already available from other less expensive models from other brands.


  • Donjoy Velocity MS Ankle Brace:  The MS model provides a higher level of support compared to typical hinged designs from competitors because of the addition of the ankle softgood being added to the brace.  The softgood is easy to apply and has a lace up style to help lock the brace in around your ankle and maintain a protected "neutral" position. Coupled with the rachet closure up top and the ability to automold the brace to your individual anatomy, this is a brace that is ideally suited for athletes who have sprained their ankles in the past, or for an athlete that wants to play contact sports with a higher level of support without the cost associated with taping constantly.


  • Donjoy Velocity ES Ankle Brace:  The ES is the most popular version of the Velocity and really is the reason to get the Velocity.  Because the brace is often dispensed upon prescription from a doctor, it carries a higher price tag, but the benefits greatly outweigh the cost in our opinion.  This model comes with the full length forefoot/ankle softgood that laces up to provide the greatest amount of control over both forefoot and ankle motion.  Even with the beefed up soft goods it still fits inside basketball shoes and football cleats easily.  With a semi-rigid shell design that's heat moldable, this product provides some of the best protection available today in the hinged ankle brace arena.  In our opinion, this is the Velocity model to get to protect your ankles.


Quality high ankle sprain Brace
My daughter’s physical therapist recommended this ankle brace because it would provide the support she needs to alleviate further injury and to allow her high ankle sprain to heal properly. Although physical therapy and inactivity have jointly been making her ankle better, it is clear that this Velocity ES brace helps. She doesn’t wear the it all the time but uses it when she needs it.
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Top brace for security
The Donjoy Velocity is my go-to 'no sprain' guaranteed ankle brace for the period after injury that I want to start re-building strength by walking or exercise but absolutely can't risk more ligament damage. When you wear it with a shoe your ankle is basically locked upright and can't roll. I've only every used the Light Support (LS) version which I find to be good enough. Just two points to note: By itself the LS version can't really be used without shoes as the foot pad kind of flaps around. If not wearing shoes I'd usually just combine it with a light elastic support to prevent this. In my opinion this is a post-recovery brace for use once you return to physical activity, as it doesn't offer as much compression as a neoprene sleeve would, or for example the aircast sport. Again however it can be combined with a neoprene or elastic support. In summary this is a top product and as a serial ankle-sprainer (20+ on my right ankle in the last 10 years) I can't think how much more time I'd have spent on crutches without it!
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Excellent product!
Excellent product, excellent service. Thank you!
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Velocity ES for football
I'm having my son use the Velocity ES for football protection and so far he's been happy with them. The support is very good and they fit inside his his cleats without any difficulty.
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Daughter wears it for softball
This is the second one of these braces we have had. She lost the first one. She really liked the stability it gave her ankle while playing softball, and it's very comfortable and easy to run in. She wears it whenever she plays, practices, or has a game. Well constructed, would definitely recommend it to others with a history of spraining their ankle.
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Very happy with this brace~~replacing a lost one.
My daughter severely sprained her ankle and loves to play softball, so we purchased this brace to give her extra support. She lost her first one so we are purchasing a second one. She is very happy with the comfort and range of motion of this brace, fits inside her high top cleats. Would definitely recommend this brace.
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Luv My Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace
I love my Donjoy Velocity ankle brace. I got the ES designed for my particular ankle injury - injured it last year and had to have surgery to make it stable again. I like that you can heat up the shell with your hairdryer to create more of a custom mold for a better fit. The softgooods on the ES model also provide the best support so if you have sprained your ankles repeatedly in the past or have had some type of surgery, this is a good brace to have.
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Velocity Ankle Brace Rocks!
I got the Donjoy Velocity ES for football because of spraining my ankles last year. The ES was awesome and fit well out of the box - I didn't need to heat it up at all. The wrap laces up in the front and then velcros down on the sides. Our school doesn't have a budget for tape so this was one of the best choices for protecting my ankles. I really like them and would recommend them to other football players.
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