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Donjoy Saunders Sully Hip S'port

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$148.99 $139.99
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Short Description

  • Provides compression, stability, and hip support.
  • Adjustable straps included to limit or enhance movement.
  • Comfortable and supportive for proper healing.

Donjoy Saunders Sully Hip S'port

$148.99 $139.99

The Donjoy Sully Hip S'port provides compression and an adjustable strap design that restricts painful movements for effective healing. Unlike a traditional pair of compression shorts, the Sully Hip S'port brace comes with a pair of adjustable, elastic straps and a pressure pad which can be placed right over the exact location for added protection. The Hip Stabilizer / Sully Hip S'port features plush neoprene material with velcro compatible outer covering and a nylon inside liner for enhanced comfort against your skin. Attach the straps in any location on the shorts to restrict specific directions of movement or as a way of holding the pad in place over the hip. Athletes and medical professions appreciate the product's effective design for enhancing hip stability and mobility after a hip injury. The product is ideally suited for treating hip pointers, groin strains, and thigh bruises.

Donjoy Saunders Sully Hip S'port Features:

  • Hook sensitive plush material allows attachment of elastic straps in almost any position.
  • Helps functionally stabilize, assist, or restrict movement of the hip joint.
  • Includes two 5 x 44 straps and a protective closed cell foam pad for use with hip pointers or thigh bruises.
  • Comfortable nylon lined neoprene support moves with the athlete.
  • Gives painful hip conditions more stability and mobility.
  • Easy to apply no assistance required.
  • Multiple applications: hip flexor strain, hamstring pull, groin pull, hip pointer thigh bruise, quad pull, hip abduction assist, and flexion or extension assist.
  • Ideally suited for hip injuries suffered playing football.
  • Available in six sizes - See sizing chart tab above for important measurement guidelines.
  • Product is Black.

The Sully Hip S'port can be used to provide hip support for:

  • Hip flexor, hamstring pulls. 
  • Hip adductor strains (groin pulls).
  • Hip pointers.
  • Thigh bruises, soft tissue support & quad pulls.
  • Hip abduction assist, flexion or extension assist.