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Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace

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Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace
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Donjoy's OA Lite knee brace is a breathable, pre-adjusted sleeve-style unloader brace suitable for mild to moderate osteoarthritis; Available in medial and lateral unloader varieties.
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The Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace is a comfortable, prefabricated osteoarthritis knee brace designed for treating mild to moderate medial or lateral osteoarthritis. The OA LIte is ideally suited for adult patients with mild unicompartmental osteoarthritis pain experienced with daily activity associated with active, non-sedentary lifestyles.

The Donjoy OA Lite is made from Drytex - a breathable, neoprene-free material that provides both greater comfort and breathability in hot environments. The nylon-based fabric provides support and compression without trapping heat inside encouraging osteoarthritis knee patients to remain active. The easy-to-adjust medial hinge design shifts weight from the affected side of the knee to help provide effective pain relief.

Regular activity has been recommended for years as an important treatment approach for arthritis and maintaining good knee health. Off-loading OA knee bracing like the Donjoy OA Lite brace relieve pain by redistributing the weight-bearing load on the affected compartment of the knee joint to the healthy or unaffected side of the joint. The lightweight brace helps patients return to their activities of daily living with knee support and less discomfort. The short thigh and sleeve calf design facilitate ease of application/removal of the brace.

Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace Features:

  • Single upright is malleable to allow further load adjustments with thigh and calf paddles to mitigate hinge rotation.
  • Made with Drytex fabric - provides compression and support.
  • Perfect for those needing tissue containment in warm weather climates, or those with neoprene allergies.
  • Cool, lightweight, improved airflow for breathability, and washable.
  • Patella stabilizing donut.
  • Short overall length: 14.5".
  • Pre-loaded hinge (up to 6° of correction) incorporates flexion and extension control.
  • Single upright with thigh and hinge paddles.
  • Patella donut provides full circumference stabilization.2, 3, and 5 mm neoprene condyle pads included adjusting hinge width.
  • Posterior thigh and calf straps help improve knee brace suspension.
  • Includes 2, 3, and 5 mm Neoprene condyle pads to accommodate to different knee widths.
  • Included posterior thigh and calf straps to keep the brace suspended properly in one place.Flexion/extension stops kit included.
  • Right and Left knee specific.
  • Offloads either the medial and lateral affected compartment.Six-month warranty on soft goods and hinge.
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large - see sizing chart tab for important measurement instructions.
  • Choose Donjoy OA Lite Medial unloader knee brace or Lateral unloader version.



Choose Lateral to relieve lateral compartment osteoarthritis pain and Medial for medial OA knee pain relief.


The Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace may be used to treat:

  • Mild to moderate medial osteoarthritis as well as, lateral osteoarthritis.
  • Mild patellofemoral malalignment.
  • Sizing chart

    Sizing Chart:

    Watch our Measurement/Fitting video and then use a fabric tape measure to measure your thigh, knee center, and calf circumference for the correct size.



    Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace

    Size  Thigh Circumference  Knee Center Circumference  
     Calf Circumference
    XSmall  13" - 15 1/2"  12"-13"  10"-12"
    Small  15 1/2" - 18 1/2"  13"-14"  12"-14"
    Medium  18 1/2"- 21"  14"-15"  14"-16"
    Large  21"- 23 1/2"  15"-17"  16"-18"
    XLarge  23 1/2" - 26 1/2"  17"-19"  18"-20"
    2XLarge  26 1/2" - 29 1/2"   19"-21"  20"-22"
    3XLarge  29 1/2" -32"  21" -23"  22" -24

     Made from Drytex, a latex-free material.

    It's comfortable to wear when I go shopping or stay at home
    I use my Donjoy OA when I'm at home or plan to go shopping. The velcro and the strapping are also easy on my arthritic hands as well. My knee feels 50-70% less painful/less stiff when I wear it on rainy weather days.
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    Not Enough Relief For Me
    My knee pain is more moderate so I thought this would help based on reading reviews from other websites - nope. I bought a Donjoy OA LIte Medial unloader knee brace but it didn't relieve my pain. To be fair though I have very large size legs and the XX-Large size just barely fit me adequately. I got this one exchanged for another brace and customer service helped get into the right brace for my needs.
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    Looked a while before I bought this arthritis brace..
    The style is designed to be pretty easy to use. If you have more severe arthritis then this probably isn't a good choice based on other reviews I read. but if you need a lightweight brace designed for mild oa then the this Donjoy OA Light osteoarthritis brace works better than a typical hinged style brace. I got the medial unloader in a size X-Large and the fit was just as described.
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    4 Stars
    Does exactly what I need it to do for relieving my knee pain.
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    5 stars
    I was looking for a lightweight brace that I could use to relieve my arthritis. I have mostly stiffness and occasionally have pain with golf and tennis. I decided to buy this brace after reading all of the donjoy oa lite knee brace reviews. The hinge uses a a wrench-like key that I use to telescope the pad inward to unload my knee on bad days when I'm in more pain and less on days when I'm feeling good.
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    Easy For Me To Fit.
    My arthritis is also in my hands so it's difficult for me to put on clothing let alone a brace. This OA Lite has been pretty easy for me to apply and the brace relieves pain from walking and getting up out of chairs. The hinge is bent already so you don;t have to adjust it which I like.
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    Using This For Lateral OA
    I have mild lateral OA and so I'm using this to put off an eventual knee replacement. This brace is comfortable for me and it keeps my knee pain down to a minimum. I still have stiffness but it's been a lot better.
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