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Donjoy Drytex Hinged Air Donjoy Knee Brace

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Donjoy Drytex Hinged Air Knee Brace
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  • Unique inflatable buttress design treats patellofemoral mal-alignment & chondromalacia.
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The Donjoy Drytex Hinged Air Knee Brace is designed to treat and ease pain associated with patellofemoral malalignment, chondromalacia and tendonitis plus medial/lateral instabilities Featuring a unique, inflatable - air-filled buttress, the Drytex Hinged Air Brace helps provide medial, lateral or full patellar support to improve patello-femoral stability. The right and left halves of the buttress are independent from each other to create a stabilized medial or lateral "wall" for customized stabilization patella. Adjustable values

Donjoy Drytex Hinged Air Knee Brace Features:

  • Unique design to treat & ease the pain of patellofemoral mal-alignment.
  • Inflatable pneumatic buttr
  • Drytex material for added patient comfort .
  • Half wrap on posterior thigh for ease of application.
  • Popliteal cutout behind the knee eliminates bunching of material during deep knee bending.
  • Polycentric hinges mimic the natural motion of the knee joint and comes with flexion stops of 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 degrees (10 degrees installed) - these prevent the knee from bending past the above angles.  Flexion/extension stops do not have to be used if not needed.
  • Extension stops 45, 60, 75, 90 degrees.
  • Rated more effective than other patellofemoral knee brace products.
  • Fits right or left sides.
  • Color: Black.
  • Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1800 + L2800


The Donjoy Drytex Hinged Air Knee Brace may be used to treat:

  • Patellofemoral mal-alignment.
  • Patella subluxation/dislocation.
  • Tilt, glide, rotation of the kneecap.
  • Chondromalacia Patella.
  • Anterior knee pain.
  • Patella tendonitis.
  • Lateral release surgery.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Donjoy Drytex Hinged Air Knee Brace

Measure your thigh circumference 6" above the middle of your kneecap for the correct size:

Size Thigh Knee Center Calf
XS 13" - 15 1/2" 12"-13" 10"-12"
S 15 1/2" - 18 1/2" 13"-14" 12"-14"
M 18 1/2"- 21" 14"-15" 14"-16"
L 21"- 23 1/2" 15"-17" 16"-18"
XL 23 1/2" - 26 1/2" 17"-19" 18"-20"
XXL 26 1/2" - 29 1/2" 19"-21" 20"-22"



The Donjoy Drytex Hinged Air knee brace is made out of nylon polyester Lycra fabric called Drytex.  It allows for improved airflow while still giving ample support and compression. Perfect for patients in warm weather climates and those with neoprene allergies or irritations.

Helped My Meniscus Tear
I tore my meniscus and used this brace for about 6 weeks and it relieved my knee pain tremendously. The side hinges gave the support I needed at work at the buttress also relieved the pain that had when I was involved with climbing stairs. Well made.
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More Involved Than What I Needed
I've had chondromalacia for the last 10 years and this brace was more involved than what I needed or could have benefited from. It's a heavy duty bulky buttress design that puts pressure on the either the right or left side of your kneecap. It didn't help my type of knee pain but it might help yours.
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Customized Patellofemoral Control
I have patella tilt which causing me to have patellofemoral knee pain with walking and going down stairs. I used this brace for about three months before I finally had knee surgery and it made a big difference. The inflatable buttress is different compared to other braces with donuts and pullable flaps. This brace allows you to inflate or deflate the sides of the buttress so that you can take stress off the injury and ease the pain. It's not a cure, but I noticed about 60% improvement in my pain and was able to keep working until I finally had my surgery.
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