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Digital TENS Unit

Digital TENS Unit - Easier To Operate And Set All Patient Features

Digital TENS Units

When it comes to ease of use, a digital TENS unit is hard to beat.  The products feature LCD (liquid crystal display) displays so that you can visually see all of the different features ass your setting them.  They also have easier push button controls on the front for customizing each setting.  DME-Direct delivers 100,000+ digital TENS unit models annually to patients, physicians, therapists, and more all at affordable prices.  You'll find models with all the customary mode settings, adjustable frequency capability, and durable cases for a lifetime of use.  When it comes to a medically approved digital TENS unit, we provide all of today's most sought after physician recommended models.  Click TENS units to see our patient catalog.

Get Your Digital TENS Unit From The #1 Source:

Need your digital TENS unit order quickly?  We offer fast, free delivery on all qualified orders and $7.50 ground delivery for all orders under $100.  Expedited shipping methods are available including delivery choices as fast as the following business day.  99% of all orders are shipped the same day to all our customers.  Best of all, we warehouse all of our digital TENS units instead of drop-shipping your order from the manufacturer which can result in lengthy, unnecessary shipping delays.  Even manufacturers run out of products from time to time.  Got a question about a particular model or just want to compare brands?  We're just a call or click away and have technical support staff available to answer all your questions.  Get your digital TENS unit direct from the #1 source, DME-Direct.