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DeRoyal Pucci Air Inflatable Hand Splints

DeRoyal SKU: 405/413/403
$89.99 $87.10
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Short Description

  • Gently stretches your wrist, hand, and fingers.
  • Adjustable air bladder design for custom fit.
  • Sized for adults and children.
  • Easy to secure with hook and loop fasteners.

DeRoyal Pucci Air Inflatable Hand Splints

$89.99 $87.10

The DeRoyal Pucci Inflatable Hand Splint is designed to provide effective support for contractures of your wrist, hand, and fingers.  The splint is covered with a fleece liner and features adjustable air bladders that are designed to provide a gentle stretch to treat contractures caused by head and spinal cord injuries.  The DeRoyal Pucci Inflatable hand Splint comes in three versions: 1) Air T with a standard air bladder design for a gentle wrist, hand, and finger stretch, 2) the Air model which stretches the same areas as described with the Air T along with a contoured bladder design for placing your thumb in a more abducted positioned away from the side of your hand, and 3) the Air Short model which has a standard air bladder design in a shorter length for use with pediatric patients.  The product is easy to apply and uses standard hook and loop fasteners to secure around your wrist and hand.  It's comfortable to wear for hours at a time and provides effective positioning with a gentle stretch at the same time.  It's ideally suited for treating conditions that commonly produce this type of hand and finger presentation such as Stroke; Spinal cord injuries; Head injuries; Geriatric patients.

DeRoyal Pucci Inflatable Hand Splint Features:

  • Unique wrist, hand and finger orthoses apply low stretch therapy to contracted fingers, hand and wrist.
  • Features dynamic inflatable air bladders.
  • Fleece type liner helps reduce pressure points and provide comfortable fit.
  • Air-T version air bladder has contoured bulb for thumb abduction.
  • Available in short opponens version.
  • Mesh laundry bag included.
  • Comfortable, soft liner material used throughout for enhanced comfort
  • Right/left specific.
  • Available in 2-3 sizes depending on the model chosen - see sizing chart tab.
  • Latex free.


Air-T Right Left
Adult 405R 405L
Pediatric 405PR 405PL


Air Right Left
Adult 413R 413L
Pediatric 413PR 413PL


Air Short Right Left
*Measure width at MP joints for pediatric Air-short sizing - Regular 2½”+; Small 2½” or less
Adult 403R 403L
Pediatric Regular 403PR 403PL
Pediatric Small 403PSR 403PSL


Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3807

The DeRoyal Pucci Air Inflatable Hand Splints can be used to treat:

  • Hand and finger presentations rsulting from stroke;
  • Tone rsulting from spinal cord injuries, and head injuries.
  • Geriatric patients needing hand positioning in the form of a resting splint
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