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DeRoyal HyperControl Elbow Brace

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Short Description

  • Medial/lateral aluminum hinge bars for ligament protection.
  • X pattern counterforce straps assist in preventing hyperextension.
  • Tri-Tex fabric for breathable comfort.
  • Suited for contact sports and recovery after elbow ligament reconstructions.

DeRoyal HyperControl Elbow Brace

$141.99 $129.99

The DeRoyal HyperControl Elbow Brace is specially designed to provide elbow hyperextension and rotational protection from traumatic injuries to the elbow or for returning to contact sports after elbow surgery. It features both medial and lateral hinge bars for optimal hyperextension protection reinforced with an "X" strap pattern in the front for additional support.  The DeRoyal Hypercontrol Elbow Brace is made of breathable Tri-Tex material that resists stretching to maintain brace integrity, and has both proximal and distal straps to resist brace migration down the forearm with athletic activities.  The Hypercontrol elbow brace has a shock absorbing pad over the olecranon process in the back of your elbow for added protection in the rear.  It's suited for ligament instabilities, elbow hyperextension, recovery from a dislocated elbow or surgery following an elbow dislocation.

DeRoyal Hypercontrol Elbow Brace Features:

  • Constructed of breathable Tri-tex material with four way stretch.
  • Medial and lateral aluminum hinges control hyperextension of the elbow.
  • For athletes, wearing it during play prevents further injury and maintains stability for healing, but also allows the wearer to use the arm actively to their desired extension limit without stressing the joint.
  • Made of Tri-Tex, a breathable material with 4-way stretch.
  • Counter-force Criss-cross straps assist in controlling hyperextension during rigorous activity.
  • Proximal and distal straps in the brace's design provide a secure fit and help prevent migration.
  • Elbow pad protects bony prominence
  • Proximal and distal straps provide secure fit and help prevent migration
  • Anterior micro-fleece lining wicks away moisture in the elbow fold to keep you cool and dry.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in eight sizes - please see our sizing chart tab for important measurement instructions.

"As a head athletic trainer, I depend upon durable, high quality products to provide orthopedic support while fostering strong patient compliance among the athletes that I work with. The DeRoyal HyperControl Elbow Brace allows our linemen an early-protected return to competition following significant ligament injury; furthermore, it provides the compression, support, and durability that a top-notch athlete demands."

Keith A. Clements, ATC/L
Head Athletic Trainer, University of Tennessee

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3710

The DeRoyal Hypercontrol Elbow Brace can be used for all the following:

  • Medial/lateral ligament instabilities.
  • Hyperextension of the elbow.
  • UCL sprains.
  • Valgus extension overload.
  • Joint capsular sprains.
  • Return to sports following elbow surgery for a dislocation.

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