DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

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DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer
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  • Dermanet wound contact layer - non-adherent contact layer dressing.
  • Use as a primary wound layer - shields delicate dermal tissue.
  • Allows drainage from the wound.
DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

Price: $89.95

3" x 3" Dermanet Sheets (Case of 50)


DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

Price: $56.95

4" x 5" Dermanet Sheets (Box of 25)


DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

Price: $99.95

4" x 5" Dermanet Sheets (Case of 50)


DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

Price: $128.95

8" x 10" Dermanet Sheets (Box of 25)


DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

Price: $239.95

8" x 10" Dermanet Sheets (Case of 50)


DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

Price: $199.95

20" x 15" Dermanet Sheets (Box of 25)


DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

Price: $339.95

20" x 15" Dermanet Sheets (Case of 50)


DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

Price: $359.95

24" x 36" Dermanet Sheets (Case of 50)


DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer

Price: $229.95

6" x 72" roll Dermanet Rolls (Case of 25)




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Dermanet Wound Contact Layer is a primary dressing that protects delicate granulation tissue from  secondary dressings. Ideally suited for burns and chronic wounds, Dermanet can be used as a lining for deep wounds before packing materials or gauze is applied. It can be applied dry or can be coated with a topical ointment, and is suitable for burns and chronic wounds..

DeRoyal Dermanet Wound Contact Layer Features:

  • A non-adherent wound contact layer dressing.
  • Place directly on wound to protect wound surface during healing.
  • Shields fragile granulation tissue from disturbance caused by secondary dressings.
  • Non-adherent dressing.
  • May be used dry or coated with topical ointment.
  • Air & fluid permeable.
  • Ideal for lining deep wounds before the application of packing materials or under gauze.
  • Reduces trauma during wound dressing removal.
  • Mesh net is soft and conformable while remaining strong and non-linting.
  • Available in sheets or rolls.

What is Dermanet? Dermanet is high-density polyethylene formulated into a light-weight porous fine mesh net.

Application & Removal:

  • Apply topical medication to wound or to the dressing.
  • Place Dermanet on the wound.
  • Cover with secondary dressing.
  • If wound is deep or open, line the wound with the product, use appropriate packing material and then put on the cover dressing.
  • For dressing change, lift it out of the wound (similar to how you'd pluck a tea bag out of a cup). This should not be painful.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC:

Product Number HCPC
46-140, 46-141, 46-142 A6208
46-143 A6207
46-145 A6206




DermanetĀ® Wound Contact Layer may be used for:

  • Burns.
  • Chronic wounds.
  • Graft sites.
  • Donor sites.
  • Granulating dermal ulcers.
  • To line wounds that are deep before packing the wound (pressure sores/open incisions).

NOTE: Dermanet does not clean or debride the wound (ie: remove dead tissue).


Sizing chart

Available Sizes:

Product TypeSizeProduct Number
Sheets3" x 3" (7.6 x 7.6 cm)46-145
Sheets4" x 5" (10 x 12.7cm)46-143
Sheets8" x 10" (20 x 25.4 cm)46-142
Sheets20" x 15" (51 x 38 cm)46-141
Sheets24" x 36" (61 x 91 cm)46-140
Rolls6" x 72" (15.2 x 183 cm)46-144


  • High-density polyethylene mesh "net" that is air and water permeable.
Comforting for burned skin
The burn on my leg is healing and this stuff helps make the dressing changes less traumatic. I always thought a broken bone was tough, but burns are really so much more painful to deal with. We bought alot of it so if I have any leftover, I am driving it over to the clinic that treats the less fortunate people in my area. Wanted to share this in case anyone else finds the info helpful...
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