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Comfy Cuddler Opposition Hand Orthosis

Comfy Splints SKU: CC-OPH
3413 sold

Short Description

  • Infinitely adjustable for perfect positioning.
  • Introduces gradual extension of the wrist, fingers,and thumb.
  • Terrycloth cover provides enhanced skin comfort.
  • No heat guns required.

Comfy Cuddler Opposition Hand Orthosis


The Cumfy Cuddler Oppostion Hand Orthosis (model CCOPH) delivers the best of both worlds - adjustable wrist support and the ability to position your thumb in full opposition.  The inside of the splint features malleable chrome metal designed for easy molding without the need for heating along with a unique C bar for customizing the desired amount of thumb opposition.  It retains its shape and will not bend from patients having excessive spasticity or tone.  The Cumfy Cuddler Opposition Hand Orthosis provides clinicians with the ability to introduce gradual extension of the wrist, hand, and thumb.  It maintains the right level of support and comfort with its internal butterfly frame that's easy to shape and mold in seconds.  The terrycloth outer cover is a patient favorite, and breaths to keep your wrist and hand comfortable with all day wear.  All of the straps are numbered making it easy for both clinicians and patients to fit correctly every time.

Comfy Cuddler Opposition Hand Orthosis Features:

  • Adjustable and re-adjustable - no rivets inside; no heat guns needed.
  • Butterfly frame inside positions your wrist and hand precisely each time.
  • Number straps for clinicians and patients.
  • Provides progressive extension of your hand, wrist, fingers, and full opposition of the thumb.  Straps are
  • Washable, comfortable, terry-cloth cotton cover - a favorite of patients.
  • Foam padded, rounded edges for comfort.
  • Comfortable for all day wear.
  • Velcro straps designed with finished off strap edges to not irritate your skin.
  • Right/left specific - choose your side.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3807


  • Post-surgery.
  • Injury positioning.
  • Wrist drop. Finger flexion tightness
  • Wrist, hand, and thumb spasticity/tone.