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ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device

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Short Description

  • ComforTrac cervical home traction unit is engineered to provide maximum comfort, efficacy, and ease of use.
  • Three incline settings available for effective treatment.

ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device


The Comfortrac Home Cervical Traction Device has been carefully engineered to provide maximum comfort, efficacy, and ease of use to relieve neck and upper back pain. The ComforTrac Cervical Traction Device features an innovative patent-pending design for traction treatment and management of acute and chronic pain. Features include push-of-a-button "quick release" pump, a contouring memory foam headrest that cradles the head, and revolutionary neck wedges that provide optimal suboccipital contact for patient comfort and directs traction toward the occiput, thus eliminating the compression of the TMJ. Combined, this makes for the best traction unit currently available on the market. Patients receive the same quality traction provided in the physical therapy clinic. The ComforTrac Cervical Traction Device allows users to apply cervical traction in a relaxed supine position at a 10°, 15°, or 20° angle. ComfortTrac devices are not only easier to use than their competitors, but they are also more comfortable, while maintaining safe and highly effective traction.

ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device Features:

  • Adjusts to three inclines: 10°, 15°, or 20° angle inclines.
  • Calibrated hand pump displays lbs and kgs increments for feedback to the user as well as consistency in treatment.
  • Applies up to 50 lbs. of traction.
  • Independently adjustable neck wedges secure every size neck - short or wide.
  • Memory foam pillow - conforms to the head for comfort during long treatment periods.
  • Adjustable forehead strap.
  • Automatic carriage return after traction.
  • Convenient duffle bag carrying case included for storage.
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • These are authentic, factory sealed devices (new stock) - not reconditioned equipment as seen on third party sites being sold as "new" for less. Buyer beware.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: E0849

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The ComforTrac cervical traction device can be used to treat the following:

  • Cervical stenosis.
  • Chronic neck pain.
  • Disc herniation and protrusion.
  • Cervical radicular pain (radiculopathy).