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Cold One Ice Knee Wrap
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  • Provides 360º icing and compression to help stop pain and increase healing of knee injuries.
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The Cold One Knee Wrap provides 360º icing around the knee to relieve knee pain and swelling caused by common injuries. The wrap features a moldable design and adjustable compression straps to achieve an effective, comfortable fit that drives cold and compression down into the knee. This Cold One ice wrap for knees features an outer neoprene layer for effective insulation, and a large ice sheet inside composed of individual cells that mold to the contours of the leg. An inner rubberized linen layer covers the ice sheet and protects the skin from any chance of suffering a cryoburn from daily usage. The compression ice pack for knee is fully adjustable for use on the front, sides, and back of the knee as needed and is durable enough for repeated daily use.

ColdOne Knee Wrap Features:

  • Adjustable design for icing all sides of the knee.
  • Constructed of an outer layer of nitrogen blown neoprene, a middle layer of sewn in refreezable gels, and an inner layer of rubberized linen.  All 3 layers stretch to provide compression and penetrating cold.
  • Individual cells are designed to freeze and still mold to the shape of the knee.
  • Provides cold and compression therapy for injured soft tissues.
  • No chance of freezer burn.
  • Durable enough for heavy daily use.
  • Perfect wrap for basketball, tennis, baseball or any knee sprain or knee sports injury.  Recommended by the National Pitchers Association and the U.S. Tennis Association for their participants.
  • Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly to the contours of the knee.
  • The ColdOne Knee wrap is a one size fits all model.


The Cold One Knee Wrap can be used for:

  • Tendonitis.
  • Chondromalacia.
  • Anterior knee pain.
  • Patellofemoral pain.
  • Ligament sprains.
  • Post operative knee surgery.
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Cold One Knee Wrap

  • 70% Nitrogen blown neoprene material, 20% water, 9% Stretch nylon, 1% Polyurethane.
  • Available for USA/UK.
Very affordable
I have been using this brand for the last 5 years. I was surprised this was lower priced than through Amazon. I purchased a couple one for myself and another family member with bad knees.
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I use two for both knees
If you need a knee ice pack with compression, this works.
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Better than my last ice pack
I tried another compression ice pack for knee pain and it didn't hold up to everyday use like this one, much better.
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Second order as a replacement
I use this about 3-4x every week for an old ski injury. My last one lasted 6 years. I just bought this as a replacement. Your price was the lowest I found.
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Easy ordering
I needed this for a tournament and it arrived the following day! Thank you.
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Designed well and durable
The construction seems very good. The neoprene stretches without breaking so I can get the compression along with the cold to penetrate into my knee.
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