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Dura-Stick Plus Electrodes

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Short Description

  • Dura-Stick Plus Electrodes provide superior conductance and minimize skin-electrode resistance.
  • Fits all pin-style connectors.
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Dura-Stick Plus 2" Round (40/Case) 42182
Dura-Stick Plus 2" Round (40/Case) 42182
$68.91 $63.99
Dura-Stick Plus 2" Square (40/Case) 42183
Dura-Stick Plus 2" Square (40/Case) 42183
$73.99 $63.99
Dura-Stick Plus 2" x 3.5" (40/Case) 42181
Dura-Stick Plus 2" x 3.5" (40/Case) 42181
$90.13 $74.99
Dura-Stick Plus 2" x 4" oval (40/Case) 42160
Dura-Stick Plus 2" x 4" oval (40/Case) 42160
$96.99 $87.99

Dura-Stick Plus Electrodes

Dura-Stick Plus Electrodes conduct electrons from the electrotherapy device into the patient and serve as a conductor and medium between the two. Available in variety of different sizes, their flexible, yet sturdy construction offers increased durability and ease of removal. The Dura-Stick Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes is a premium version of electrodes because it has Permagel Hydrogel to serve as a superior coupling agent to minimize skin-electrode resistance while providing effective adhesion on virtually every part of the body. The ends the electrodes feature push style pins that are suitable for use on all portable and clinical devices. Dura-Stick Plus has a blue-colored foam backing instead of the off-white as pictured above.

Dura-Stick Plus Electrodes Features:

  • Carbon conductive firm incorporated into a flexible spun lace backing.
  • Permagel™ Hydrogel for superior conformability to body contours.
  • Blue, foam backing is flexible and durable for all areas of the body.
  • Stainless steel mesh connector inside that pad for excellent conductance.
  • Push pin connector is universal for fitting most devices.
  • Our most popular electrode.
  • Unique silver printed conductor layer.
  • White foam backing.
  • Single patent use.
  • Packaged 40 per case.
  • Excellent adhesiveness for daily use.
  • Available in multiple sizes for use with every part of your body.


Dura-Stick Plus electrodes can be used with all major brands of devices featuring pin style connectors.

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