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Carpal Tunnel Supports

Searching for a great carpal tunnel support?  These products are designed to place your wrist in a relaxed position to relax tendons crossing your wrist joint.  DME-Direct carries carpal tunnel wrist supports for rehabilitation, work, and home use featuring warmth retaining materials that promote circulation and help relieve pain around the affected area.  Choose from all of the most recognized brands like Aircast, Bauerfiend, BioSkin, Hely Weber, MedSpec, Ossur, and more.  You'll find traditional and low profile carpal tunnel support designs for maximum comfort, as well as, products featuring neoprene-free materials for people with skin sensitivities.  Carpal tunnel wrist braces range in price from $12 - $25 depending on the type of brand, the materials and construction used, ass well as, the product's unique features.  Click carpal tunnel wrist brace to see our entire selection.

Carpal Tunnel Support for Wrist