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Breg Shoulder Stabilizer

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Breg Shoulder Stabilizer
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Breg's Shoulder Stabilizer restricts overhead abduction & external rotation shoulder movement without sacrificing function. Lower profile chest harness for comfort; fits underneath all types of shoulder pads.

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The Breg Shoulder Stabilizer is a functional shoulder support designed to limit abduction and external rotation, which makes it a preferred brace for football, hockey and lacrosse players. The neoprene harness features adjustable shoulder straps and fits securely around the upper waist to avoid migrating up high onto the chest.  The arm cuff of the the Breg Shoulder Stabilizer wraps around the upper arm and can be adjusted to limit the degree of overhead motion to protect the shoulder joint from entering a position of impending dislocation.  The brace provides effective protection for athletes with a history of shoulder dislocations, subluxations or glenohumeral instability.

Breg Shoulder Stabilizer Features:

  • Breathable neoprene harness provides a low profile fit across your chest.
  • Available in five sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for complete sizing guidelines.
  • Can be used underneath all types of shoulder pads.
  • Cuff can be easily switched to the opposite side if needed.
  • Provides customized restriction of abduction and external rotation to prevent serious injury.
  • Well suited for football and hockey players.
  • Fits right and left sides.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3675


The Breg Shoulder Stabilizer is often used to provide protection and restricted overhead movement for:

  • Shoulder dislocations.
  • Shoulder subluxations.
  • History of global shoulder instability or past shoulder injuries.
Sizing chart

Size Chart:

Breg Shoulder Stabilizer Sizing

  •  Neoprene vest construction.
Breg Shoulder Stabilizer
Stabilizes and protects son's shoulder
I ordered this for my son who has a labrum tear and is still going to play football this year. He's going to have surgery at the end of the season. The vest is easy to fit and adjusting the straps keeps him from dislocating. Ordering was easy and the brace arrived quickly.
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Son likes it
My son dislocated his should during last week's game and the doctor said he had to have this in order to go back to practicing with his team. The trainer adjusted it and he's been comfortable wearing it. So far so good.
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Arrived Just In Time For My Football Season
I got this stabilizer after reading the different Breg shoulder stabilizer review and comments from others. I needed the brace before my doctor would let me start practicing again with the team. My order arrived 2 days after placing my order - THANK YOU!!!
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Good for Football
I dislocated my shoulder last season and started using this Breg shoulder harness because it was recommended by my doctor and our trainer. The brace is easy to put on and fits underneath my pads easily.
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Very Good
The brace helps protect my shoulder from popping out during football practice. It feels more stable and safe.
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Best For Football
I like this brace better than the Donjoy version by far. The Breg Shoulder Functional Stabilizer has the same type of straps for controlling the shoulder in multi-directions yet has a shorter height vest which our linemen prefer.
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Overall fantastic product
I had to buy this brace after my son dislocated his shoulder during a football game. He had to have this brace in order to play for his next big game so we got the expedited shipping. The brace was delivered to us quickly and on time. So now my son hasn't dislocated or injured his shoulder since.
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Q&A for Breg Shoulder Stabilizer

  • From Brice
    • Q: I tore my labrum playing football and didn't get surgery but went through physical therapy. It popped out last week at practice. Will this brace stop my shoulder from coming out of place?
    • A: The Breg Shoulder Stabilizer will prevent your shoulder from getting into the "at risk" position to help reduce the chance of suffering another dislocation.
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