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Bledsoe Z-12 OA Knee Brace

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Bledsoe Z-12 OA Knee Brace
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Bledsoe's Z-12 OA Knee Brace provides ligament and OA support in one brace; magnesium material is lightweight yet strong; Choose 13 or 15 inch length.

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The Bledsoe Z-12 OA Knee Brace provides effective OA pain relief while stabilizing the knee during activity.  The product features a 100% magnesium shell for a super lightweight design for greater comfort.  The frame comes standard with 3 degrees of correction (varus or valgus) built in automatically to provide the necessary thrust for relieving pain from having mild to moderate arthritis pain.  The Bledsoe Z-12 OA knee brace is available in in a 13" and a 15" extended length to fit every height individual, and comes in both a standard or an athletic size to fit every size leg accurately.  Ski buckle style closures makes fitting the straps much easier - no need to reapply velcro closures each time the brace is applied.  It's got a very streamlined design that patients love to wear at home, underneath their work attire, or out and about in a pair of shorts.  For a lightweight alternative to traditional arthritis brace designs, the Z-12 OA is perfect for use with recreational activities such as, hiking, jogging, tennis, and more.  It provides quality support relieves medial or lateral compartment arthritic knee pain so you can return to a more normal lifestyle.

Bledsoe Z-12 OA Knee Brace Features:

  • Features a 3o correction built into the frame to apply an effective varus/valgus force across the knee joint.
  • Easy to size for a correct fit - see sizing chart tab.
  • Relieves osteoarthritis pain and provides ligament knee protection.
  • Ideal for non-impact sports liking running, tennis and hiking.
  • Suitable for mild to moderate uni-compartmental osteoarthritis.
  • Hinge Type: Standard hinge limits range of motion; No telescoping ability for additional unloading. Adjustable hinge limits range of motion AND telescopes inward for additional unloading capability.
  • Available in a 13" or a 15" length.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1843.


The Bledsoe Z-12 OA knee brace can be used to treat:

  • Mild to moderate OA.
  • Knee osteoarthritis correction.
  • Knee stabilization after ACL, PCL, MCL or LCL issues.
  • Ligament protection.


Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Measure your thigh and calf circumference 6" above and below the middle of your kneecap for the correct size:  The Bledsoe Z-12 OA  "standard", "athletic" and "extended" all feature the same design and frame padding. Both the standard and the athletic calf versions are a 13" length brace. The only difference is that their calf circumference measurements are different to help provide a great fitting brace. The extended version is your 15" length brace.

thigh and calf

  Thigh Circumference  Calf Circumference
 Standard and  Extended


 XS  13.5" - 16"  12" - 14"  11" - 12.5"
 S  16" - 18.75"  14" - 15.5"  12.5" - 14"
 M  18.75" - 21.5"  15.5" - 17"  14" - 15.5"
 L  21.5" - 24.25"  17" - 18.5"  15.5" 17"
 XL  24.25" - 27"  18.5" 20"  17" - 18.5"
 2XL  27" - 29.5"  20" - 21.375"  18.5" - 20"


  • Magnesium material used in the frame construction.
  • Made in the USA for maximum quality assurance.


I have arthritis and tore my meniscus
I tore my meniscus and have extensive arthritis in my left knee. My doctor wants to put off surgery because I'm 90 years old. He recommended me using this brace instead. So far it has helped relieve most of my knee pain after using it for the last three weeks. Very impressed!
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Keeps my knee from buckling on me
My knee doesn't buckle on me anymore when I'm playing with my kids or going on long hikes.
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Q&A for Bledsoe Z-12 OA Knee Brace

  • From Charlie Sutaris
    • Q: What is the weight of this brace?
    • A: The magnesium version is 19.5 ounces and the Aluminum is 21 ounces.
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