Bledsoe Wee Walker Boot

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Bledsoe Wee Walker Boot
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  • Low profile design especially for kids.
  • Comfortable, breathable, washable foam liner.
  • Three sizes to fit left or right.
  • A physician favorite.
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The Bledsoe Wee Walker is the first off-the-shelf low profile pediatric boot that offers superior comfort along with unsurpassed support. The Wee Walker is available in three sizes to fit the left or right sides for ages 18 months to approximately 9 years of age.  It features malleable aluminum uprights that form easily to different contoured legs and washable open-cell foam for comfort and reduced risk of skin irritation.  The straps secure to the uprights to properly position the lower leg correctly inside the boot during ambulation.  The  Wee Walker boot has a wide rocker bottom sole to stimulate a normal walking motion and promote safe ambulation on wet surfaces.  Patients and parents appreciate the Wee Walker boot design, as well as, the comfort and support it provides children for proper healing of foot and ankle injuries.

Bledsoe Wee Walker Features:

  • Promotes faster healing through strong support with maximum mobility.
  • Designed for kids on the go. The pediatric walker is lighter and easier than conventional casts.
  • Unique rocker design simulates a near normal gait.
  • Keeps kids comfortable with breathable, washable foam wrap.
  • Kid-tough performance from durable powder coated aluminum.
  • Sizes: S-M, Large, XLarge - See sizing chart for product sizing and fit help.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L4386

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The Wee Walker can be used to treat:

  • Post-injury or post-operative application to grade 1, 2, or 3 ankle sprains.
  • Stable or internally fixed fractures of the foot or ankle.
  • Treatment of stable or internally fixed fractures or fractures with bridging callous of the middle to distal tibia or fibula where a pediatric cam walker is indicated.

NOTE: This device is not recommended for unstable fractures and proximal tibial or fibular fractures

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

bledsoe wee walker

  • Aluminum uprights.
  • Standard foam liner.
Great Fracture Boo for Kids
I bought the Bledsoe Wee Walker Boot for my son's foot injury. It's a great product and has worked very well! We also had a great experience ordering through DME Direct and they were able to overnight the boot to me. Thank you!
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Good product
Bought the bledsoe wee walker large for our son after he sprained his ankle on the playground. He wore it for his injury about 1-2 weeks without too much difficulty.
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Helped our 2 year old's foot and ankle
We had to take our 3 year old in to see the orthopedist 4 times in two weeks for an ankle-foot- The doctor put her in a hard cast for the first 4 days and was not allowed to place any weight on her foot which was difficult for her because she was almost always in pain and she felt miserable. She was in constant pain and misery. Then we tried having her unprotected for week and she re-injured her foot and ankle three days ago with regular walking. We just received the Wee Walker boot today and she's worn it now for most of the day. She's able to crawl around or walk with this on and doesn't experience pain. I cannot tell you how incredibly thankful we are for this device. We were also told that "nothing" for her age group and size existed in a removable splinting type of mechanism. After seeing her in misery we found this item online and were surprised that it was actually made specifically for her size. This product is worth the money,and has helped her with the incredible pain. Thank you for the fast delivery time. We're very thankful for your speedy delivery. Thank you!
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This was a perfect fit for our little patient!
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Great Kids Size Walker

My 8 year old is still in a walking cast (he has a tib/fib break) but am hoping at today's appointment he will graduate to the walking boot - but thanks the shipping and delivery was on time and the product is as ordered. It was so hard to find a boot for my child - so glad you had this in stock for immediate delivery. Others did not have it as claimed.
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2yr old fracture
Hard to get back on with all Velcro sticking to each piece - I've learned to attach the straps back to their individual velcro tabs to avoid the whole "spaghetti strap" problem. Otherwise, it's a good product. Maybea little more direction from my doctor would have been better in helping me learn how to fit and remove the boot easier. It does come with plenty of instructions though.
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