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Bledsoe Achilles Walking Boot

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Bledsoe Achilles Walking Boot
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Bledsoe's Achilles Walking Boot features a s specially designed heel wedge to raise your heeI for achilles injuries; indicated for achilles tendons strains, ruptures, and repairs; provides excellent support and immobilization; lowest rocker bottom sole for easier walking.

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The Bledsoe Achilles Walking Boot has adjustable heel wedges in the heel to treat achilles tendon conditions. As the injury improves, the wedges can be removed to stretch the achilles tendon during rehab. Four cast inter-locking 10° urethane wedges provide fast change of foot angle to relieve tension which makes this a preferred walking boot for Achilles injury and post-op Achilles repair.

The Bledsoe Achilles boot features a very low rocker bottom sole that helps normalize your walking pattern, and creates less stress on the other joints in your body.  Three straps above the ankle help secure the liner and struts to your lower leg while two straps are used to secure your foot inside.  The struts are made from aluminum and can be reshaped to fit any size calf, large or small.  The Achilles boot comes with a standard ankle/heel pad or can be ordered with an optional air-filled ankle/heel pad the provides a noticeably better fit throughout the ankle area.  This accessory also helps provide greater support during community ambulation as well.  This walker is physician recommended for achilles strains, tendon tears, and post-operative recovery after surgical repairs.

Bledsoe Achilles Boot Features:

  • Designed for immediate use after achilles injury.
  • Aluminum boot shell and upright system can be reshaped to fit virtually any leg or ankle shape.
  • Four inter-locking 10 degree  tearable urethane wedges provide fast change of foot angle allowing the foot to be plantar flexed, while still steady with good ground contact.  Simply pull each wedge off to lower your foot another 10 degrees.
  • Achilles Boot contains three layers of pads that contour and support your ankle during ambulation.
  • Unique rocker bottom design makes walking easier and reduces stress on the hips and knees.
  • Optional air ankle/heel pad provides enhanced support, increased comfort, and an overall better fit inside the boot.

Bledsoe Achilles Boot Options:

  • Accessory: choose "air" for the air ankle/heel pad or standard for the foam ankle/heel pad option.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L4386 (regular ankle/heel pad) or L4360 (with air ankle/heel pad)

The Achilles Boot may be used for treating:

Injury to or reconstruction of the achilles tendon.

This device is not recommended for unstable fractures and proximal tibial or fibular fractures.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Bledsoe Achilles Boot



  • This boot is intended for use by one individual for a period of 180 days or less.
  • It is generally not made for patients that weight over 250 pounds (114 kg.).
  • This product should not be left in the trunk of a car on a very hot day or in any other place where the temperature is in excess of 150 degrees.
Five Stars
I was prescribed more of a generic tall style walker for my achilles tendon strain and complained about it digging into my achilles which actually made the pain worse. After reading all of the different bledsoe achilles walking boot reviews I decided to give it a try. I didn't get the model with air but found it to be very comfortable and was able to customize the rise kit inside very easily. The foam liner and the uprights definitely keep the foot and ankle immobilized and I'm not hitching my hip up and down when I walk like I did with my old boot. I recommend this bledsoe achilles brace to anyone with an injured achilles tendon.
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Happy with this boot
I ordered the size medium because I was on the borderline between this and a size large. It fit a little loos at first and then I adjusted all of the air bladder inside and it fit snug after that. I placed my order for this Bledsoe achilles walking boot on a Wednesday and received the order on the same Friday - very fast. I'm very happy with the speed of your service.
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I used this to recover from achilles tendonitis and...
I injured my ankle about 4 months ago while skiing and have been using this while going to physical therapy. I got a second one because the other walking boot was starting to show wear and tear. My therapist said this was the recommended boot for achilles tendonitis so I ordered here after reading all of the favorable reviews about the product's features. The boot has reduced my pain by 60% so I think I'm heading in the right direction with my rehab.
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Strained my achilles tendon and used this for recovery.
I tore my achilles 6 months ago and was prescribed this particular achilles tendon boot. It comes with wedges that you or the physician slowly tear off over time to reduce the height of heel inside the boot so the tendon heels properly. It gave me great support and made my recovery proceed smoothly so I could eventually walk normally again.
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Best for achilles
Bledsoe's Achilles Cam walker is the best product for rehabing an achilles tendon. Some patients have asked to "not be put in a boot", but when they feel the support and relief that this offers, they tell us that they are glad that we insisted they wear this. The results speak for themselves - thanks for always having great solutions for us!
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