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Bio Skin Back Skin with Flexible Lumbar Support

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Short Description

BioSkin's Back Skin with Flexible Lumbar Support provides adjustable support and compression; features a dense foam, flexible lumbar support  that is adjustable. Dual vented side panels for added compression. .

Bio Skin Back Skin with Flexible Lumbar Support


The Bio Skin Back Skin with Flexible Lumbar Support combines a light weight support with an adjustable lumbar insert to provide effective support with everyday activity.  This corset features additional, vented side panels that can be applied to further increase compression and support around your torso.  Once applied around your waist, the support panels can be applied and adjusted for the correct amount of abdominal compression needed.  An adjustable/removable, triangle-shaped foam pad can be velcroed inside to provide added support for your back - thus giving it the name, the Bio Skin Back Skin with Flexible Lumbar Support .  This model has vertical stays on both the sides and in the rear to prevent rolldown from occurring.  It's made from a breathable material called Ultima which is both lightweight, and air permeable to keep you cooler compared to traditional neoprene.  Patients appreciate the product's thinness (5/8 inches) and low profile design thus making it well suited for use at both home and work.  The Bio Skin Back Skin with Flexible Lumbar Support can be used to treat back strains, back spasms, low back pain, degenerative disc disease, lumbosacral strains, and more. 

BioSkin Back Skin With Lumbar Support Features:

  • Breathable, lightweight, low profile, very thin, cool and comfortable to wear.
  • Made out of Ultima, a three layer laminate that's more durable than neoprene; Provides a thinner, less bulky feeling without sacrificing support.
  • Double, vented side pulls add additional support and compression.
  • Comes with an adjustable removable dense foam lumbar support (rounded triangular shape) that fits in your lumbar area to provide enhanced support and rigidity for your back.
  • Available in both a standard cut and female cut. The female cut is made with a slight alteration in the back panel which addresses the waist to hip ratio, providing a better fit for females with more of a pear shape.
  • Features stays on the sides and the rear to provide support and prevent rolldown on the sides.
  • The lumbar foam pad attaches to the belt with Velcro.
  • Provides breathable support that's comfortable to wear underneath clothing.
  • Material stretches similar to neoprene while providing greater durability with long term use.
Available Colors: Black

Flexible Lumbar Support Placement Options:

BioSKin Back Skin Convex

Option 1
The IN position gives direct pressure against the spine, relieving minor sprains and strains.

BioSkin Back Skin concave

Option 2
The OUT position provides more pressure and control along the para spinals, relieving strains and muscle spasms

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: K0634

The Bio Skin Back Skin with Flexible Lumbar Support can be used for treating:

  • Back strains.
  • Back spasms.
  • Low back pain.
  • Degenerative disc disease.
  • Lumbosacral strains.
  • Low back pain.
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