Aspen Vista MultiPost Cervical Collar

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Aspen Vista MultiPost Collar
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Aspen Vista MuliPost Cervical Collar provides added cervical support for greater restriction of cervical spine motion.
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The Aspen Vista MultiPost Collar is the latest addition to Aspen’s award-winning Vista Cervical Collars. It adds a whole new level of support and motion restriction with its pivoting occipital panels behind the head. The MultiPost cervical collar employs the same one size, adjustable Vista design to fit every patient thus eliminating collar sizing errors. The inside of the collar is lined with Aspen’s proven cotton-lined pads that enhance skin care by reducing contact points in the rear occipital area that can result in skin breakdown.

Aspen Vista Multipost Collar Features:

  • Pivoting occipital panels feature a circular design that cradles the head and provide increased support.
  • Designed to fit patients with all different shapes and anatomies.
  • Cotton lined pads ensure comfort and proper skin care.
  • Dial height adjustment in the front.
  • Six sizes from just one collar.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L0180.


The Aspen Vista MP MultiPost cervical collar can be used to treat: a variety of cervical injuries requiring additional stabilization of the head and neck.

Sizing chart

One size fits 13" - 21" neck circumference; Adjust the collar to the shortest size. Place the front panel underneath the patient’s chin and dial up to the correct height. The patient’s chin should be properly supported and the chin pad should be slightly compressed. By letting go of the dial, it self locks into place.


Polyurethane foam is used in the pads which are covered with a cotton lining; neoprene free.


(Spine. 2013 Jun 1;38(13):E767-74).

(Scan J of Trauma, Resus & Emer Medicine 2014. 22(37)).

Excellent service, very comfortable cervical collar brace
Price was excellent and shipping was quick. The collar was new and came with extra pads that I ordered. Very happy with company service. The color is quite comfortable, more comfortable in many ways than the collar I woke up within the hospital after my surgery.
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Life saver
This brace has made me feel more comfortable with since my surgery. All the other braces that they tried on me didn't give me the confidence that I was missing but with this product I felt like I had the support as soon as I put it on along with the comfort. With this product I felt like I had the support of my big head and neck. I was able to keep my head up right and allow my neck to heal properly. it's been a life saver for me and so comfortable to wear. Thank you for making a great product.
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Very good
This multipost cervical collar arrived earlier than I expected, which is great! It is very comfortable, for a stiff collar. It's fully adjustable though so it fits perfectly. This is by far the best cervical collar I have used in 15 years. I would highly recommend this.
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Same as the one the doctor provided me
This collar is the same as the one my surgeon charged close to $350 for. Amazing.
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Just what I needed
Works as described. Bought this to replace my last one that lasted 3 years.
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Works very well at supporting my neck
My last collar was adjustable but just not as supportive. The multipost collar supports my head and neck fully which reduces my neck and arm pain better.
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Q&A for Aspen Vista MultiPost Cervical Collar

  • From Steve
    • Q: I will be having a cervical discectomy at the level of c6 c7. Which neck brace would work best for me?
    • A: The Aspen Vista Multipost Cervical Collar provides cervical motion restriction and adjusts for height in the front and adjusts in the rear for occipital support.
    • So far persons found this question helpful

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