Aspen Cervical Collar Replacement Pad Kit

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Aspen Cervical Collar Replacement Pad Kit
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  • Cotton lined foam padding provides comfort and prevents skin breakdown.
  • Quick and easy to put new pads in your existing collar.
  • Fits all sizes of collar.


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The Aspen Cervical Collar Replacement Pad Kit is a kit of Aspen cervical collar replacement pads for replacing all of the existing pads on your collar.  The pads can be washed by hand and attach to the inside with hook and loop fasteners.  This page is for ordering just a set of Aspen Cervical Collar pads for your original Aspen Cervical Collar.

Note: This pad kit fits the Aspen collar only, not the Aspen Vista or the Vista TX; it's indicated for single patient use only.  Once the packaging has been opened, it is non-returnable.  Reference the collar picture above before ordering for accuracy purposes.

Aspen Cervical Collar Replacement Pads Features:

  • Replacement pad kit for your collar - fits all sizes of collar.
  • Replacing the pads extends the life of the collar.
  • For long term use, fresh pads are recommended for sanitary and comfort reasons.
  • Cotton lined foam padding helps to prevent skin breakdown.
  • Easy to apply in seconds.
  • To keep collar fresh and sanitary, its recommended that pads be washed or replaced.
  • Clean, unsoiled pads reduce the risk of skin dermatitis.
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Aspen Cervical Collar Replacement Pad Kit

  •  A set of Aspen cervical collar replacement pads made out of cotton-lined foam material.
great customer service!!
I attempted to get replacement pads for my brand new Aspen Cervical collar from the local provider in Minneapolis who provided my collar inpatient. The price per replacement set was almost 2x of the online DME-Direct price for the same OEM replacement pads. Customer service team was respectful and super efficient in assisting with my purchase.
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Purchase of new pads
My purchase of the cervical replacement pads was, in part, to buy myself some time. I know my Aspen CTO back brace is wearing out; well, wearing it every day for nine years will do that. I would like to get a new brace, but should see the spine doctor first. As I =‘m not in a position to do that now, I am trying to stretch its life a little longer. I definitely feel better in the brace than out of it.
To that end, I got the replacement pads so I could continue wearing the CTO back brace. And they have helped. ...Cathy
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New liners
Excellent replacement for original liners.
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Great pad for my Aspen collar
Perfect replacement pad. Perfect fit right out of the bag. Thanks.
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Fast delivery, reasonable price
I received my order within 2 days of placing it and had no difficulties whatsoever. The replacement pads were less expensive than other places I had looked. Also, the company and Google stand behind your purchase, so I felt there was no risk.
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Great product, great transaction!
My husband had cervical surgery in early June, leaving the hospital with an Aspen cervical collar. However, the physical therapist never showed up on his discharge day to give him a set of replacement pads for it. The shower collar I was trying to use as a backup was extremely uncomfortable, so I started looking online on a weekend to find a set of replacement pads for the Aspen. Lots of sites had the set, but you had to call during the week to get a price quote and place an order. DME-Direct not only had the pad set in stock, but their website was transparent about the pricing and shipment costs. Even with ordering on a Saturday night and specifying normal ground shipping, we received the pads in 2 business days .... more than a full week before I was expecting them!! We'lll look to DME-Direct again as my spouse's rehab needs require us to purchase more medical items.
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Perfect replacements
Thank goodness you provide these. Six weeks in this collar and, well, a person can't survive without spares.
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Aspen cervical collar replacement pads
I received my order within a couple of days; very fast. The replacement pads were exactly as described and exactly like the original pads. In fact, anyone wearing the collar for extended periods would benefit from replacing the pads often as the newer pads offer better support then the originals which start to break down in support strength over a few weeks. I will be ordering another set from this site.
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Product selection was a little confusing, but overall great
the product was a replacement for pads on my wife's neck brace. It was the perfect fit, and much better than the older pads she had been using on and off for over 18 months. I had a hard time finding the product by product number or model name. I think it was almost by luck I found what I needed by stumbling on a picture that looked like the neck brace model I was looking for. Delivery time was unbelievably fast! thanks.
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Found Them
I was so relieved to find the replacement pads (my collar was getting all sweaty and awful). I searched high and low and this is the most reliable place to find them! Thanks DME
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