Arthritis Knee Braces for Arthritis Pain & Swelling

A knee brace for osteoarthritis is also commonly referred to as an OA knee brace (OA is the shortened abbreviation for the medical term "osteoarthritis").  It is also referred to as an off-loading brace. These braces are designed as specialized supports that are worn to providing enhanced joint stability and assist with correcting joint alignment issues caused by having arthritis degenerative changes.

Braces are lightweight and are designed from metal, fabric, and plastic in order to promote effective unloading of the knee joint. They feature specialized hinge bars that can be adjusted by hand or with tools to help "off-load" the affected knee compartment thus shifting loads towards the unaffected side of the knee.  This results in decreased pain and tenderness with walking and stair climbing.    Braces for mild arthritis can range from simple sleeves to fabric-style braces with adjustable hinges for offloading the affected side of the knee joint.  When X-rays show moderate to severe arthritis changes, then a more advanced knee brace for arthritis is required to provide effective results.  These braces will feature lightweight aluminum metal and will have adjustable hinges for applying greater offloading capability to relieve pain and instability.

Need a great knee brace for arthritis?  DME-Direct supplies medical-grade arthritis knee braces for relieving arthritis knee pain caused by degenerative joint disease. You'll find both simple and advanced arthritis knee braces from a variety of today's most notable brands like Donjoy, Ossur, Breg,  and more.  They typically average from $150 - $400 depending on the type of materials used in their construction and their unique features.  Click on unloader knee braces to see our entire selection of arthritis knee braces.

Arthritis unloader knee braces

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