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AllSport Dynamics OTS Wrist Brace

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AllSport Dynamics OTS Wrist Brace
OTS ****
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Allsport Dynamics Authorized


  • Carbon fiber for maximum wrist protection.
  • Popular with motocross.
  • Features a lace up design for a great fit.
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The AllSport Dynamics OTS Wrist Brace is an off-the-shelf wrist orthotic engineered to limit the extension of the wrist.  The brace is constructed of high-strength, lightweight epoxy resin, carbon fiber and Kevlar composite to provide a lightweight compact design with amazing strength.  The OTS wrist brace is universal for use on either wrist, and features 0-60 degrees variable extension control with interchangeable stops at 0, 20, and 40 degrees to limit wrist extension.  The OTS wrist brace is worn next to the skin for an optimal fit.  The open palm design keeps the brace from interfering with your grip strength, while the lace up design underneath provides a comfortable custom-like fit.  The product is proudly made in the USA for higher quality control standards.

OTS Wrist Brace Features:

  • Easy velcro closure around the wrist for fast fitting.
  • Composite resin, carbon fiber, kevlar construction provides lightweight strength.
  • Brace liner is constructed from a high-grade, open cell foam and is ergonomically shaped for fit and comfort.
  • Bi-axial, articulating hinge mimics wrist motion.
  • Open palm design limits obstruction with grip strength.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in five sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Sold as a single brace.

Available Colors: Black Carbon.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L3915


The Allsport Dynamics OTS Wrist Brace can be used to treat:

  • Wrist reconstruction.
  • Wrist sprains with TFCC tear - triangular fibrocartilage complex.
  • Coles fracture - distal radius.
  • Partial tendon rupture.
  • Ulnar styloid fracture.
  • Compound radius/ulna fracture.
  • Villonod ulnar synovitis.
  • Perilunate dislocation.
  • Transscaphoid perilunate fracture.
  • To protect bone-ligament transfer.
  • Radius fracture/extensor tendon rupture.
  • Severely comminuted open distal radius and ulna fracture.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

Measure the width of the wrist (not the circumference):

Allsport Dynamics OTS Wrist Brace sizing


 Size  Width (Inches)  Width (cm)
 X-Small  0 - 2"  0 - 5.1
 Small  2 - 2 5/16"  5.1 - 5.9
 Medium  2 5/16 - 2 5/8"  5.9 - 6.7
 Large  2 5/8 - 2 15/16"  6.7 - 7.5
 X-Large  2 15/16 - 3 3/16"  7.5 - 8.1



Epoxy resin, carbon fiber and Kevlar composite.

Recommended by my doctor
My doctor recommended these for me. He said I couldn't start riding again unless I protected my wrists after I fractured them 6 months ago.
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Easy to measure, easy to fit
I saw some other riders using these so I decided to get them after falling off my bike last week. These are easy to measure for and they the liner tightens up easily around the wrist/forearm for a perfect fit.
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Lightweight carbon fiber protection
I wanted a motocross wrist brace made out of carbon fiber to provide the most protection and these do a great job.
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Using these for motocross
I've been using these for my wrists now for about ten years after a fractured my wrist. Works great - I use the 40 degree stop to protect my wrist.
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Foolish 2 not wear it
I bike on weekends and type all week long, so if I mess up my hands or wrists then I am out of work. Saw these in action and went for the splurge because I'd be foolish not to wear it when my job depends on my typing speed. Protect yourself!!!
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