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Axillary Crutches

If you're looking for axillary crutches that you can quickly adjust for a great fit,  you've come to the right place.  But we should worn you before hand that these are not like those typical hospital styles you've seen or been charged an arm and a leg for.  We thank the crutch Gods for coming up with better designs - it truly has been a long time coming.  DME-Direct carries axillary crutches that feature everything that rehabilitation specialists have always wanted - ergonomic hand grips, adjustable lengths, real padding under the shoulders, and a great feature that all the rest are screaming about: spring assisted struts. We have to simple to use axillary crutches measurement guides to help you select the correct size when ordering.  When it comes to finding axillary crutches, we might not have as many as all the other guys, but what we do have truly are the best of the best. Click crutches to see our full selection.

Axillary Crutches With A Better Design

If we had a quarter for every time a patient complained about his or her crutches not fitting correctly, or causing rubbies/blisters,  we'd,  well off.  We think these are the best axillary crutches available today because they're not made from cheaper materials - you'll feel the difference as soon as you take them out for a spin the first time.  Spring assisted designs along with ergonomic handles - what's not to love!

Axillary crutches