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Donjoy Iceman Cold Therapy Unit



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Knee Arthroscopy

DonJoy IceMan Cold Therapy Unit

USD 11-0494plusPad

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  • Donjoy Iceman provides up to 7 hours of cold therapy.
  • Semi closed loop circulation system maintains constant cold temperature for longer.
  • Integrated pump design for quiet operation.
  • Wrap-on pads available for every part of the body.
  • Receive a FREE Donjoy gift with each order - a $10.00 value.

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The Donjoy Iceman® is one of the most recognized cold therapy systems used by sports medicine professionals for injury recovery.  The Iceman cold therapy system is ideally suited for use after arthroscopic joint procedures to assist in minimizing pain, swelling, and inflammation by providing up to 7 hours of continuous cold therapy before needing to be refilled with ice. The cold therapy unit holds up to 11 quarts and is connected to your choice of a wrap-on or cold pad which baths the joint with up to seven hours of cold pain relief. Compared to other cryotherapy machines, the Iceman Classic 1100 model uses a patented semi-closed loop system which allows the unit to maintain a more constant and accurate temperature than competitor's systems. The Donjoy Iceman also features a thermostat for easy temperature adjustments. This system is shipped ready for immediate use and includes: the Iceman cooler, pump with hose attached, three prong AC adapter, and a free pair of hospital bed hangars to make hospital use a breeze - a DME-Direct exclusive!  Simply choose your choice of wrap-on pad (elastic velcro strap included) above to complete your checkout.

Donjoy Iceman® Cold Therapy Unit Features:

  • Two position locking top prevents water leakage from occurring.
  • Water tight seal.
  • Hose stirrup for protection of the hose exiting the system.
  • Inlet temperature control monitoring.
  • Semi-closed loop system provides efficient cold water flow out to the pad.
  • FREE hospital bed hangars included with your order; keeps the unit conveniently attached to the hospital bed and off the floor- a $10.00 value.
  • offers every available wrap-on pad to all our customers.
  • Click to see the Donjoy Iceman return policy
  • Non-returnable for patient protection.

What is a "Wrap-On Pad?" Wrap-on pads circulate cold water over the joint, and are designed with a velcro hook engagable material along with a stretch band to easily wrap around the effected area.

Available Wrap-On Pad Choices: See sizing chart tab for size guidelines.

  • McGuire Knee w/Open Patella (10.85” x 11.34”)11-1268.
  • Universal Multiuse Reg. Hose (10.85” x 11.34”) 11-0679.
  • Universal Multiuse Extended Hose (10.85” x 11.34”) 11-0680.
  • Universal Multiuse XL, Reg. Hose (12” x 11.34”) 11-0681.
  • Universal Multiuse XL, Extended Hose (12” x 11.34”) 11-0682.
  • Universal Shoulder 11-1334.
  • Universal Shoulder Small 11-1397.
  • Hip: Left (11-9112) or Right (11-9111).
  • Forefoot (11-1521).
  • Ankle (11-1522).

Replacement Parts:  Replacement parts and accessories are available for this unit  - please visit the "Iceman Accessories" listing.

Please carefully read before purchasing this product:

I am currently under the treatment of a physician who has prescribed this cryotherapy product. I will read and carefully follow the manufacturer's directions provided with the unit. I understand that I will assume all responsibility for the use/misuse of this unit. I will contact my physician immediately in the case of any untoward reactions caused by use of this cryotherapy unit. I understand that is only a distributor of the product and in no way assumes responsibility for any injury it may cause due to malfunction, misuse, inappropriate application, or other reason. Furthermore, cannot provide specific details as to the product's application or use, other than is provided in the product documentation, developed by this product manufacturer. By adding this product to your cart you certify that the above statement(s) is/are true.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: E0218 + E0249

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The Donjoy Iceman® is routinely used for:

  • Therapeutic cold to reduce swelling or pain after an injury or surgical procedures.
  • Faster recovery and rehabilitation following ligament reconstructions, etc.
  • Inflammation and chronic pain relief.

Most pads for the Donjoy Iceman are adult universally sized to fit every size patient, large or small. Here are some helpful hints to observe when ordering pads that come in different sizes/varieties (ie. your cheat sheet to go by):

  • Shoulder comes in two sizes: regular or small. Small is indicated for short and petite individuals; regular to large size individuals choose the regular.
  • Universal Multiuse pads come in four configurations yet basically looks like the universal wrap-on pad pictured above in our picture box. The difference: get in a regular OR a slightly (about 2" larger) larger XL size pad. The variation is in the length of the hose: the regular hose length is pictured in the same picture box on the front page. The extended hose is roughly 6" longer for a slightly longer "stem" hose portion coming directly out of the pad itself.
  • Hip: choose left or right.

  • This is a motorized device and requires a standard three prong outlet.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Works perfect Review by Cathy Sutter

    Before and after major shoulder surgery this is the way to go.

  2. Great Review by DB

    Fast delivery. Iceman machine works awesome. I play sports .. have a knee injury I ordered the universal wrap - works great on all parts of body that need ice down.
    Couldn't be happier with DME.

  3. Nice machine Review by Dave R

    Great little machine. I like the way it maintains constant temperature opposed to moving ice bags around with temperatures changing. Pump is a bit noisy but no big deal. An on/off switch would be nice instead of having to plug and unplug machine. Hip pad is a little awkward to velcro to leg, but works great once in place. Instructions are easy to follow as well.

  4. Outstanding product Review by Jim

    I am using this for my recovery from hip replacement surgery. I have also used one for my knee surgery. The hours of constant coolness helps reduce the inflammation. I also used a lot less pain medication. Anyone with chronic pain or going to have surgery most definitely should own an Iceman.

  5. Works well, could be a little quieter Review by Michele

    The Iceman design is good, but would be better if it were a little quieter. But all in all it has made my recovery much easier.

  6. Donjoy Iceman Review by Coulee

    I had shoulder surgery and this machine is a MUST!!! It arrived quickly (even with the holiday (x-mas) crunch!! Easy to use, cools down quickly, half a bag of ice was used for 2 days. Yes the ice melted but the container keep the water cold enough to get 2 days of use!! The pad for the shoulder was a bit challenging to put on at first, but it delivered results. A must have for post surgeries!!

  7. Very happy we purchased the Donjoy Iceman Review by Greg Gillard

    My wife had extensive knee surgery and this product was recommend to us by the surgeon and friends who have gone through similar surgeries. The unit is EASY to set up and the instructions for operation were simple as well. The device requires quite a bit of ice, so I highly recommend getting bags of ice form the store. Our refrigerator ice machine could not keep up with the demand. For the first two days after surgery, we were using three to four bags of ice per day. Two things that can be improved is an on/off switch and an audible indication noise that lets you know the ice has melted and needs to be replaced.

  8. Love my machine Review by Lkibbee3

    I love this machine. I had meniscus surgery and lost 80% of my ACL. I stayed on the machine for four days and returned to the surgeon. Minimum swelling and was able to get off the pain meds in two days. It is easy to use and stays cold for about 6 hours. The motor is a little noisy but you get used to it. My machine arrived in one day and is one of the best investments I have made. Thank you for your product and fast service.

  9. Very pleased! Review by Harrison Madlow

    I previously had had shoulder surgery. My wife borrowed a Donjoy Iceman from her boss for me to use. It was awesome. I am scheduled to have two knee replacements shortly and I made sure I was able to get one of these. I will be very happy just like before. Thanks for such a great product!

  10. Definitely recommend to someone after surgery! Review by Harry Mathis

    I had shoulder surgery a year ago and used this item. My wife borrowed one from her boss for me to use. It worked awesome. I am scheduled for two knee replacements in early 2014. Its just nice to know that you have something to help you out after your surgery. I would strongly recommend this product to people having surgeries.

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  • Q&A for Donjoy Iceman Classic Cold Therapy Unit

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    • From DJ
      • Q: I filled the tub, plugged it in and nothing happened. The transformer got warm but the motor did not start. Is there something I can troubleshoot?
      • A: With this device if it's not circulating water out to the pad and back to the cooler then the pump is shot. The pump/motor is completely contained inside the unit and is not patient accessible to prevent "tinkering" with. The product makes a quiet hum and, because it's quiet, you'll need to get a new working unit.
    • From gman
      • Q: I have two Iceman units from different surgerys but have misplaced both power cords. Does anyone know what volt these run with so I can replace them?
      • A: We sell the replacement transformer specifically designed and manufactured for the Iceman - it is a genuine Donjoy transformer. The transformer is not a typical voltage as commonly searched for at various electronic stores such as Radio Shack, etc. We receive calls weekly from people who purchase non-Donjoy brand 3 prong transformers from wholesale electronics stores only to see them burn out the device's motor instead of going with an authentic replacement part.
    • From Bill
      • Q: I can't seem to get the machine to cool consistently. I have tried using crushed ice and then filled with water and then removed everything and filled with water and frozen ice containers. It does cool but then seems to shut down. I am trying to get a constant 55 degree flow temp. Can I run the machine constantly or must it shut down for periods? What can we possibly be doing wrong?
      • A: Hi Bill,

        You'll always be able to achieve colder temperatures by using regular - large size ice cubes over crushed ice. As for the device not achieving a cold temperature, the thermostat control is designed to speed up the flow of water out to the pad to make it colder so if you're not getting a cold enough temperature out at the thermostat, after switching out the crushed for larger size ice cubes, then perhaps there's an issue with the pump. Also, the device does not need to be shut down...ever... to essentially "reboot" the temperature, so again, it sounds like you may be using a cooler with a lot of miles on it and the pump may finally be on its last legs.Please check with the facility who provided you the device originally for further trouble shooting.
    • From Frank
      • Q: Is the hose included in the purchase of the cooler? What is the length of the hose?
      • A: Hi Frank,

        The hose is attached to the cooler itself and is included in the price. The cooler outlet hose is approximately 60" in length.
    • From Paula
      • Q: My husband had shoulder replacement surgery and we borrowed an Iceman from a friend of ours who is a physical therapist. It was awesome and we are going to purchase one of our own - I'm having both knees replaced. Before we return his Iceman, we would like to clean it - it has a musty smell. Can you add vinegar or something to the water to freshen it up a little?
      • A: Hi Paula,

        The best way to clean the Iceman is to run 1/2 cup of vinegar through the machine and pad for half an hour. Then let the machine and pad both air dry.

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