EVS SB02 Shoulder Brace

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EVS SB02 Shoulder Brace
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  • New improved fit increases comfort and stays in place on shoulder.
  • Wear on either shoulder.
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The EVS SB02 Shoulder Brace is the brace of choice for thousands of motocross riders worldwide. The brace features EVS' innovative shoulder support system for an improved fit that increases comfort and stays in place on the shoulder. It helps rotator cuff damaged & dislocated shoulders by providing increased shoulder stabilization and support / stability, warmth and mild compression during activity. Unlike most neoprene shoulder brace products, the EVS SB02 fits arms of different sizes with an adjustable arm closure design that eliminates underarm chaffing, and is vented to keep the user cool and dry.

EVS SB02 Shoulder Brace Features:

  • New adjustable arm closure design eliminates underarm chaffing.
  • Fits arms of all sizes.
  • The EVS SB02 shoulder brace is made from vented neoprene Airprene.
  • No restriction on range of motion.
  • Pulls arm into rotator cuff.
  • No snag design.
  • Universal - fits both the right and left shoulder.
  • Same brace worn by Chad Reed, Mike Brown & Micheal Byrn.
  • Five sizes available - please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.



The EVS SB02 Shoulder Brace may be used for:

    • Rotator cuff strains.
    • Dislocations.
    • Mild compression during sports.
Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

EVS SB02 Shoulder Brace


  • Airprene (a ventilated type of Neoprene). Hand wash only
  • Item Weight: 4 ounces.
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 4.8 inches.


Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Great product
I dislocated my shoulder two weeks ago and came across this SB02 product. Found DME-Direct was $10.00 less than other webs. Received my brace in 4 days - very fast delivery. Fits very well and supports the shoulder well. I have a 40 inch chest and the large is a good fit. Good luck to all.
Absolutely fantastic
I dislocated my right shoulder on 12-1-13 playing basketball. I played basketball again for the first time on 1-12-14 wearing this brace. I fell hard on the shoulder twice during a competitive game in a men's league. The brace was awesome. It kept my shoulder in place and I always felt secure during the game. Shooting and rebounding were not effected. Note that I am left handed and was careful going up for rebounds. I went up strong with my left arm and used my right as I brought the ball down to help secure it. The brace prevented me from going up too high with my right arm/shoulder and that made me feel more secure that I would not repeat the dislocation. I highly recommend this brace for basketball. Note that I wore a shirt under it to prevent the brace from chaffing my skin.
This support does give me quite a bit of relief of my rotator cuff injury. I must say, it is not designed to fit a woman's body, but despite that, it does help. Also, thanks for shipping ahead of expected date of arrival.
Looks as good as it performs
Looks great, and performs great. The fit is just right and I get the support my shoulder needs.
Great for wrestlers
I tore my rotator cuff last year in an Olympic style wrestling match and wasn't able to put any pressure on anything with that shoulder, more or less work out at all. I purchased this and started using it the next day and had no pain whatsoever in matches or practices. I highly recommend this product for wrestlers.
Love this
A few months ago I was in a car accident and flipped the vehicle. I separated my collar bone and tore my rotator cuff. I am very active in sports and everyday life. This brace has saved my life! It has helped so much. I would recommend this to anyone that is thinking of buying.
Good for baseball/softball play
I'm an active softball player in my 30s who needed a brace that could be worn during play without restricting my ability to throw and hit. I've played in 5 games over the course of a week since receiving the brace, and I can honestly say that by wearing it, I'm now able to throw the ball long distances with a lot more ease and a lot less shoulder pain. In addition, the brace in no way interferes with my movement. So far, so good. I'm happy I made the purchase, and I even have other fellow players considering getting the brace as well.
I dislocated my shoulder while playing racquetball with my nephew a few weeks ago. I have been icing and working with my physical therapist ever since. My PT recommended this shoulder support for me so I can have a speedy and successful recovery. I've been wearing My EVS shoulder support now as much as possible. It's lightweight but strong, and the really great thing about it is that I can also wear it under a shirt and no one knows that I'm healing an injury. Rock on...
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Q&A for EVS SB02 Shoulder Brace

  • From todd
    • Q: Is this a good brace for wrestling?
    • A: Hi Todd,

      Yes, the EVS SB02 can be used for wrestling. It has a very low profile and provides both support and compression for sore, achy shoulders. It's ideal for shoulder sprains and strains, and is easy to fit underneath your outfit.
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  • From Anthony
    • Q: Does this fit right arm?
    • A: Hi Anthony,

      The SB02 can be used on both your right and left shoulders.
    • So far 9 persons found this question helpful

  • From Will
    • Q: Does the brace have enough flexibility to play basketball in? Is it small enough to fit a shirt under and a jersey over it where it wont be uncomfortable?
    • A: Hi Will,

      Yes, there is enough flexibility to play basketball with this type of brace, and we have had players wear a T-shirt underneath and their jersey over the top of it.
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