Donjoy UltraSling III

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Donjoy UltraSling III
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  • New improved designed offers greater comfort and ease of use.
  • Moisture-wicking nylon mesh liner keeps the arm dry.
  • Vented through for air circulation.
  • Thermoformed padded bottom for durability with long term use.
  • A physician favorite.
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The Donjoy UltraSling III provides greater patient comfort and support for recovery from shoulder injuries.  The new sling features vents throughout the upper mesh and lower thermoformed padded bottom to enhance airflow.  Patients can now remain cooler and more comfortable especially in hot and humid environments.  The inside of the UltraSling III is lined with a moisture wicking nylon mesh material that draws perspiration away from your skin to prevent skin irritation and dermatitis.  The product still comes with a red squeeze ball for patients to use to improve circulation and reduce swelling, along with a quick release strap across the front for coming out of the end of the sling to start forearm exercises safely.  The UltraSling 3 comes with a medium sized forearm pad that Velcros to the sling along with a waist strap for providing immobilization and shoulder protection at the side of your body.  Simply reapply the sling to the desired location on the pad for subtly shifting your shoulder forward anteriorly or posteriorly for the perfect desired position.  The product is well suited for treating acute shoulder injuries, Bankart repairs, rotator cuff repairs, and dislocations, while providing patients with support and protection required for proper healing.

UltraSling III Features:

  • Vented sling design for improved air flow.
  • Thermoformed foam bottom provides support and greater durability for long extended periods of use.
  • Nylon mesh lined to wicks moisture away from your skin.
  • Padded shoulder strap for enhanced comfort.
  • Quick release strap allows for early forearm exercise and movement.
  • Squeeze ball encourages circulation and helps reduce swelling.
  • Forearm  pad keeps the arm abducted and features a Velcro strip that sticks to the sling; simply peel the sling off and reattach to the desired position as needed.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Four sizes to fit every size individual - see sizing chart tab.

Available Colors: Black

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The Donjoy UltraSling III can be used for:

  • Immobilization for rotator cuff repairs.
  • Capusular shift procedures.
  • Bankart repairs.
  • Glenohumeral dislocations/subluxations.
  • Soft tissue repairs/shoulder strains.
  • Acute shoulder injuries.
Sizing chart

arm length for DJO Ultra sling 3

Measure from the back of your elbow to the base of the index fingers for the correct size:

 Size  Arm Length
 S  up to 13 1/2" (34.5cm
 M  up to 14-1/2" (37.5cm)
 L  up to 15 1/2" (39.5cm)
  • Nylon mesh fabric liner.
  • Thermoformed foam padding om the bottom.
LOVE my sling
I've used this sling for 2 surgeries now (very durable! ) It was great with the right shoulder surgery and I just switched the straps when I had my left shoulder surgery. It's comfortable and easy to use and adjust and I would highly recommend this sling to anyone who's looking for a great quality product.
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Back in May of 2009 I had shoulder surgery that went bad..... Very bad!
This is the brace that I found to use for recovery and it has been my best friend. I'm now getting ready to have surgery number 6 on the same shoulder and it was now time to get a new one. Almost three yrs later and the 1st one is still in good shape but need to have 2 for this surgery recovery. They wash up very very nice and keep the shape as well. I would recommend this to anyone that has to have any shoulder surgery!!!
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Donjoy UltraSling III Comfortable
I used the ultrasling III after my rotator cuff repair and found it to be comfortable. Was easy to to put on by myself. Recommend it to anyone having shoulder surgery in the future.
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