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BioSkin TriLok Ankle Brace

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BioSkin TriLok Ankle Brace
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  • Provides maximum ankle stability and precise adjustability to protect against ankle sprains and ankle injuries.
  • FootLok strap prevents movement that causes ankle sprains.
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The TriLok Ankle Brace is an easy, effective way to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, PTTD, and provides protection against ankle sprains. The unique Footlok strap provides forefoot and ankle stability by optimizing control over inversion, plantar flexion/inversion, and eversion motions commonly associated with a sprain; The BioSkin TriLok ankle brace is great for sports that involve pivoting or cutting like basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, and tennis.  It's made out of thin, breathable, neoprene-free material that fits inside your dress and athletic shoes without any difficulty.

The TriLok has a unique strapping mechanism that provides enhanced fore-foot control and helps prevent dangerous motion that could lead to an ankle sprain or posterior tibialis tendinitis symptoms. It's is easy to apply and fits inside any athletic shoe.  The TriLok ankle brace is used by professional and college athletes to prevent ankle sprains both during practice and the regular season.

BioSkin TriLok Ankle Brace Features:

  • The ankle/foot control system acts as an external ligament to control foot and ankle motion while in different positions.
  • Compressive base sleeve improves proprioception.
  • Duplicates athletic taping techniques for better support.
  • Low profile; fits inside any shoe.
  • The TriLok helps treat plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (fallen arches).  It reduces tension on the plantar fascia and provides adjustable foot arch support.
  • The product's stirrup strap provides the final locking component, and eliminates eversion for maximum foot stability.
  • The TriLok ankle brace is recommended for football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, or to prevent ankle sprains.
  • Available in four sizes - please see our sizing chart tab above for important sizing information.
  • Universal- fits both the left and right sides.
  • Made with Ultima 2S material.
  • 100% neoprene and latex  free.

Available Colors: Black

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1906



The BioSkin TriLok ankle brace may be used for:

  • Ankle sprains.
  • Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD).
  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Peroneal Tendon Sprains/Tears.
  • Athletic protection: basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart:

BioSkin TriLok Ankle Brace


The BioSkin Trilok is made from a unique, patented material that's designed to provide high-level compression without creating any discomfort. The material is thin and gives radial compression, so it conforms nicely to the curves of the body. Its breathable, allowing perspiration to evaporate through it, and it's neoprene free, latex free, and hypo-allergenic so you don't have to worry about skin reactions. Wearing the Trilok ankle brace is a satisfying experience because it is breathable, light, thin, strong, odorless, and extremely durable.


     Super soft, micro-fleece lining.

     Lightweight and thin.


Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

I recommend the Trilok
I have used this brace after my ankle/foot tendon surgery. It has made my ankle more stable and given me more confidence when going back on the tennis court or walking on uneven ground.
Great product for PTTD
I have PTTD, on my right foot. I bought this Bioskin Trilok brace to wear while I'm cycling, so far seems to be comfortable while riding. Seems to be good product!!
Comfortable but more swelling
I have only been wearing this for a few weeks. It does help the pain and provides a lot more support than other ankle braces I've tried in the past. There is a slight learning curve with putting on the components the first time but the instructions have plenty of pictures that made it easy. Overall I'd say the TriLok is very very good.
Son loves the Trilok ankle brace
3rd one for my son who plays basketball and lacrosse. Easy to use, washable, and gives him the protection he likes when playing - he really likes these a lot.
Best braces around!
My daughter loves these comfortable and supportive braces! She has tried many types but these trilocs by bioskin are the best. Thank you for excellent service as well!
Great Product - Very helpful
Great Product - Very helpful
I have tendinitis, tenosynovitis of the posterior tibialis tendon sheath and ankle swelling. I love this product because it is just like having an athletic trainer tape your ankles except I am able to do it myself. It does take a little time to figure out the process to put it on because it is somewhat complicated. The directions on the white strap are very helpful. I did make one mistake when ordering this product. I wear shoe size of women's 9 1/2 wide. I ordered size medium. I did not account for any swelling in my foot or ankle. I put it on in the morning but by mid day or evening it gets too tight and I have to take it off. I now wish I would have ordered a size bigger. I love it so much that I ordered one for each ankle. I have worn them almost daily when my ankles are in a flare up. Very solid support without having any hard parts to rub against. It fits very nicely into my tennis shoe.
I play sports and recently sprained my ankle badly. After a week passed my ankle was still swollen and bruised. I was hesitant about playing because I didn't want to cause more damage to it. I put the brace on and slid into my shoe and moved around... I could not tweak my ankle in any way no matter how hard I tried. This gave me the confidence to get out there and tear it up! And I did :)
Competitive Soccer
First and foremost I want to say that DME Direct has the best customer support ever!!! I had this delivered overnight and when it came it was missing the stirrup straps. I needed it the very next day for a big game. Bioskin was closed by the time I called but DME Direct handled my situation professionally and expedited a new set of straps for me and I received them on time to use the brace for my game (which we won 2-1).

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Q&A for BioSkin TriLok Ankle Brace

  • From Jonna
    • Q: How adjustable is this brace around the ankle and the calf? I have large legs and "one size" often is too small for me. Can I return the brace if it does not fit?
    • A: Hi Jonna,

      The Trilok is designed with a slip-on style boot that fits a person with an average build. While the material does have a little stretch to it, if you've tried other "universal" products and they didn't accommodate your size calf, then you're probably going to need to order either a custom made Trilok to fit your build or try a lace-up style brace for greater adjustability.
    • So far 18 persons found this question helpful

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