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Zensah Calf / Shin Splint Compression Sleeve

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Short Description

  • #1 sleeve for calf/shin splint compression.
  • Helps to relieve shin splints and provide shin splint relief.

Zensah Calf / Shin Splint Compression Sleeve


The Zensah Calf / Shin Splint Compression Sleeve  is a dual action shin sleeve that treats shin splints and calf pulls, reducing the risk of injury and alleviating pain. The front of the shin sleeve is ribbed in a chevron pattern to help provide compression and support to the calf and shin area.  Their gradient design provides physiological benefits including enhanced circulation, faster recovery, reduced blood lactate after exercise, enhanced warm-up due to increased skin temperature, reduced formation of delayed onset of muscle soreness, and improved leg power during sports.  Their special seamless knitting process produces a a fabric that is soft, breathable and wicks moisture for great comfort.

Zensah Calf/Shin Splint Compression Sleeve Features:

  • Chevron ribbed pattern mimics an athletic tape job to reduce calf and shin splint pain.
  • Deep groove ribbing helps increase blood circulation.
  • Contoured to provide effective support of the achilles and calf muscle areas. 
  • Aids recovery by providing more oxygen to the muscles.
  • Anti-bacterial and moisture wicking material.
  • Zensah fabric provides the ultimate in comfort.
  • Available in three sizes for an exact fit - please see our sizing chart tab for measurement guidelines.
  • Sold as a single unit.

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The Zensah Shin Splint Compression Sleeves are suited for treating:

  •  Shin splints.
  • Calf pulls.
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