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Who Benefits From Support Hose? — Anyone who experiences tired achy legs, varicose veins, post surgical conditions or serious leg problems can benefit from wearing support hose. Regular support hose that do not provide graduated compression do not offer the same benefits as the medical support hose products offered at DME-Direct. These products are not only sheer and comfortable but also provide more effective treatment at affordable prices.

How Is "medical hosiery" Different From "support hosiery"? - When it comes to medical effectiveness, only medical hosiery provides graduated support and true compression for treating circulatory conditions. Ordinary support hose offer 3 to 7 mm/Hg of compression at the ankle, a compression range that's not nearly enough to provide any benefit.

What Does "mm/Hg" Stand For? - The mm/Hg abbreviation means "Millimeters of Mercury".  This is the amount of compression that is being exerted around the ankle. The higher the number, the greater the amount therapeutic pressure being exerted around the ankle to reduce swelling. If you're not sure what level of compression is needed for your condition we recommend asking your doctor for advice.

Why Is Graduated Support So Important? - Products that provide graduated support provide you with greater support at the ankle and then gradually diminshes up the leg.  This diminishing pressure helps encouraes proper blood flow for healthy legs. Our support hose product listings will show the compression value at the ankle as a range because the larger your ankle is the greater the compression being exerted within your size of hose.

How To Measure For The Perfect Fit - It's best to take all measurements for support hose in the early morning hours as swelling tends to increase the more you're on your feet.. Be sure to read the measuring guidelines on the sizing chart for each support hose listing for instructions.

Mild Support (8—15 mm/Hg)  - These offer 2x the support of ordinary store-bought "support hose."  They provide the lowest amount of support and are good for relieving leg fatigue and can be used to help the developement of varicose veins. These support hose will be the easiest to don and are available in a wide  selection of brands, varieties, and colors for everyday use.

Moderate Support (15—20 mm/Hg) These are considered medical support hose and often these products are used for:

  • Reducing the formation and involvement of minor varicose veins.
  • Relieving swelling (edma)  formation in both the ankles and legs.
  • Tired, aching legs resulting from long periods of sitting.

Firm Support (20—30 mm/Hg) The most prevelent class of medical hose.  The hose are used for:

  • Severe varicose veins.
  • Post-surgical wear to reduce swelling.
  • Daily ankle and leg swelling that requires medical treatment.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis daily treatment.

Very Firm Support (30—40 mm/Hg) This is the highest level of support and should only be used on the advice of your doctor.

DME-Direct carries the most widely prescribed support hose from the most recognized names including Jobst, Mediven, Activa, and more.  All our brands are recognized throughout the medical industry for providing medically accurate graduated compression and therefore offer guaranteed performance and greater durability.  You'll find the complete line of products for every brand including every size and color. Click the link above to find your favorite brand.

Support Hose

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