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Shoulder Ice Machines -

Need a great shoulder ice machine for recovery after surgery?  DME-Direct carries a variety of models specially designed to circulate cold water out to specially designed shoulder pads.  They provide deep penetrating cold to your entire shoulder complex, and relieve pain and swelling for 6-8 hours.  You'll find all of today's most popular shoulder ice machine designs like the Aircast Shoulder Cryocuff, an economical product perfectly suited for rehabilitation at home or the hospital.  While this model is a gravity fed system, you'll also find a variety of cold therapy units that feature pumps to circulate the water automatically.  These products offer more convenience, especially if you're recovering from shoulder surgery.  Models without a pump average $100 in cost while systems with pumps will run $175 - $200 typically.  Please use the text links above to see the product(s) of your choice.

Shoulder Ice Machine