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Bauerfeind knee brace and supports provide stability and pain relief for sports and everyday knee pain relief. The knee braces feature innovative designs providing medical-grade compression that reduces swelling, relieves pain, and stabilizes the knee joint. Their breathable knit is lightweight for maximum comfort and provides proprioception feedback that helps performance. The unique GenuTrain three dimensional knitted technology makes them perfect for athletics, arthritis, meniscus tears, and recovery from an old knee injury.

Why Bauerfeind Knee Braces?

Bauerfeind's knee braces and supports are made in Germany for top-quality design and performance. The Genutrain line features precision knitting for breathable compression that maintains its elasticity and original fit.  The fabric is soft and comfortable for all-day wear. 

Bauerfeind knee braces and supports have a precise anatomical fit that stays in place while providing all-day support. Their unique German styling provides stabilization that supports knee ligament function and enhances circulation to relieve swelling caused by common knee injuries.  Each knee brace moves with your body for performance and knee protection that athletes appreciate over traditional sleeve products. They're trusted by NBA athletes and professional athletic trainers with its innovative design delivering superior comfort, stability, and pain relief to players overcoming injury, and are routinely used by today's Olympians, and athletic trainers to treat and prevent knee pain.

Which Bauerfeind Knee Brace Is Right For Me?

Bauerfeind Knee Brace Styles
  Genutrain Genutrain P3 Genutrain A3 Genutrain S
Provides compression
Pain / strains / swelling
Hinged brace with  side bars      
Jumpers Knee / Runners Knee / Tendonitis    
Mild Osteoarthritis      
Moderate to severe osteoarthritis    
Kneecap Dislocations      
Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome      
Patella instability      
Meniscus Tear    
MCL / LCL Injuries      


DME-Direct has Bauerfeind knee brace styles for every person's activity level. Be comfortable and supported at the same time. You'll find knee brace styles for knee conditions like patella chondromalacia, tendonitis, ACL injury, torn cartilage, and knee sprains. If you need help choosing a knee brace, we can help.  Our customer service professionals can also help you find a Bauerfeind knee brace to help you stay active. Call our team M-F 877-742-8784.













Bauerfeind knee brace and supports provide stability and pain relief for sports and everyday knee pain relief. The knee braces

Bauerfeind Knee Brace & Supports - Genutrain

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