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Ossur Miami J Advanced Cervical Collar

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Ossur Miami J Advanced Cervical Collar


  • Miami J Advanced is the only adjustable cervical collar that provides the clinically proven superior immobilization you expect from a Miami J product.
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The Ossur Miami J Advanced Cervical Collar provides adjustable sizing and a precise fit for acute cervical injuries.  Comfortable interior padding and a phenotype sizing system makes choosing the correct size a straight forward process.  The attached Assist Strap gives patients the ability to fit their collar more easily. The Miami J Advanced collar provides the clinically proven superior immobilization you expect from an Ossur rehabilitation collar.

Ossur Miami J Advanced Cervical Collar Features:

  • Size It UP Phenotype-driven system of sizing like the traditional Miami J for a precise fit.
  • Best in class. Miami J Advanced provides clinically proven immobilization for injury support.
  • Avoid breakdown. Combines soft, overmolded edges and breathable Sorbatex padding to inhibit skin breakdown; Reduces dangerous pressure points from forming.
  • Less is more. Miami J Advanced features two distinctly-shaped pads for the front and back; Makes skin care easier.
  • X-ray, CT and MR compatible.
  • For adolescent and adult patients.
  • Miami J Advanced is sold as an individual collar or combined with an extra pad set for easier washing/extended use.
  • Recommended for single patient use.
  • Sold as a single collar or with an extra pad set.
  • Padding: Antibacterial, antimicrobial Sorbatex®.
  • Please see our sizing chart tab above for important measurement instructions.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L0124




The Miami J Advanced cervical collar is used to treat:

  • Trauma requiring immobilization.
  • Chronic neck spasms.
  • Cervical disc herniations.
  • Pinched cervical nerve injuries.
  • Cervical radiculopathy.
  • Sizing chart

    Miami J Advanced Cervical Collar Sizing Chart:

    Adjustable, Phenotype-driven Sizing:

    Ossur Miami J Advanced collarOssur Miami J Advanced cervical collar sizing


    Based on the same patented and clinically-proven design of the Miami J cervical collar, the Miami J Advanced collar has a bio-engineered design that provides superior immobilization, inhibition of skin breakdown, simple adjustability and, ultimately, successful patient outcomes.

    Sizing information:

    Miami J cervical collarMiami J cervical collar


    A. Chin Support
    B. Adjustable Sternal Extension
    C. Tamper Resistant Quick-Lock Buttons
    D. Sternal Pad
    E. Occipital Support
    F. Fastening Strap
    G. Sorbatex™ pads

    A Latex-Free Product. X-ray, CT and MR Compatible


    Adjusting the size of the collar is best achieved before the collar is applied to the patient.
    1. Unlock the Quick-Lock Buttons by squeezing them together (Figure 2). If buttons are locked, press the lever to unlock and release (Figure 3).
    2. By identifying your patient's phenotype according to the Phenotype Sizing Chart (Figure A), you may quickly adjust the collar to the appropriate height. Note that for sizes Super Short and XS we recommend the original Miami J collar. Slide the Adjustable Sternal Extension to the correct position according to the phenotype size of the patient. The various phenotype sizes are marked on the front of the collar. See Figure 4 for an example of the Adjustable Sternal Extension adjusted to size Regular.
    3. Lock the Quick-Lock Buttons by rotating them outward or away from midline. Tamper resistance is ensured by rotating outwards until an audible click is heard (Figure 5).


    A minimum of two people are required for initial collar placement: one to maintain the patient’s head and neck in proper alignment, the second to
    fit the collar.
    1. Position patient with arms to the side, shoulders down and head centrally aligned. Ensure that no pillows are behind the patient‘s head.
    2. Slide the back piece behind the patient's neck and center it (Figure 6).
    3. Slide the pre-sized front up under the patient's chin. The front edge of the chin support should line up with the front of the patient’s chin. The sides of the collar front should be oriented up, off the trapezius, and toward the ears (Figure 7).
    4. While holding the front securely, curl the ends snugly against the patient's neck. Secure the Fastening Straps to the front (Figure 8).
    5. Tighten and securely attach the Fastening Straps to the collar front, alternately, one at a time, to an equal length on both sides.
    6. For patients remaining in supine position for extended period of time consider removing the sternal pad for greater comfort. Make sure not to remove both pads, keep the SorbatexTM pad attached to the plastic (Figure 9).

    • Quick-Lock Buttons are in the locked position with Tamper Resistance lock engaged.
    • The front edge of the chin support is lined up with the front of the patient’s chin.
    • The sides of the collar front are oriented up, off the trapezius, and toward the ears.
    • The collar is nicely snug on the patient's chin with the chin centered comfortably in the Chin Support. The patient should not be able to slip their chin inside the collar.
    • Long hair is placed outside the collar.
    • Tracheal opening and large posterior vent are midline.
    • Collar sits away from the neck. There should be a “finger” gap between the tracheal opening and the neck. If the collar is fit too closely/tightly to the neck, loosen Fastening Straps slightly and size up to the next taller size.
    • No plastic touching the skin. The Sorbatex™ pads should extend beyond all plastic edges.



    Husband need a new replacement
    My husband has been using this for a year and needed a replacement because it was starting to get old and smelly. Exactly what we needed.
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    Comfortable and easy to use
    The collar is easy to use and comfortable; it can be used at anytime, day or night and is very lightweight (I thought it would be a thick heavy plastic).
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